How To Decorate Your Door On Easter and Have Fun in 2023


If you’ve been looking at crafts sites like Pinterest, you’re probably aware that even holidays like Easter have their own themed decorations. From the Easter bunny and hiding Easter eggs to more modern décor like Easter wreaths, you can make your home beautiful for the said holiday.

But another thing that coincides with the celebration of Easter is the beginning of spring. You can use Easter-themed décor to show how glad you are that the blooming season is starting.

Want to learn more on how to decorate your home for Easter? Read on below!

Why decorate for Easter?

natural cross
Source: Pastiwow

Decorating your place for Easter was traditionally done by Christians to show their celebration because Jesus Christ has been resurrected. It is still a practice that many do today.

But if you aren’t someone who follows this religion, that’s fine. You can still join in on the fun. A more secular take on this celebration is showing your elation for spring. Indeed, that is why a lot of Easter décor is light-colored and floral in theme. Like the Resurrection of Christ, spring also symbolizes a new beginning, a new life.

dainty wreath
Source: Good Housekeeping

One way to decorate your home is to design your doors with Easter themes. You can create lots of different kinds of décor depending on how creative you get. You’d think that decorating a door would come with a limited list of ways, but that’s not the case!

When it comes to Easter door decorations, the most popular would undoubtedly be Easter wreaths. Other types you can try are different door hangers and even door murals!

Easter Wreaths for Front Door

butterfly wreath
Source: Hike N Dip

Easter door wreaths are, for sure, the most common type of Easter décor. An Easter wreath is a circular-type of decoration which is normally created using evergreen leaves and different kinds of flowers.

Fun and kid-friendly wreaths also make use of pastel-colored eggs and adorable bunny figures. More modern Easter wreaths, on the other hand, approach this type of decoration in a minimalistic way. Metals like copper and bronze are typically used for modern wreaths.

Easter Door Hangers

egg door easter
Source: Building Our Happily Ever After

For your front door, easter décor that is easiest to put up is a door hanger. If you’re going by definition, an Easter wreath is definitely a type of door hanger. But you can hang more than just a wreath for Easter.

You can make use of your doorknobs and place floral pieces there. You can put up little vases of brightly colored blooms on top of your door like a garland as well. Door hangers can come in many shapes and sizes. Why not hang a literal bouquet? The decorating ideas are endless! You just have to find the one that’s right for you and for your home.

Easter Door Hanger Crafts

three animals easter cross
Source: StitchologyLLC

Like what was mentioned above, creating door hangers really depend on the type of creative project you want to do. If you’re drawing a blank, below are a few examples of door hanger crafts you can make for the Easter holiday.

Burlap Door Hangers for Easter

burlap bunny
Source: Collage Cab

If you’re going for a more natural vibe this Easter, why not center your decorations on materials like burlapand twine? They have a natural brown color that’s both rustic and pretty, perfect for the country look you’re going for.

What’s more, materials like these two make your decorations look more homey and welcoming to guests. Want to make a door hanger like the bunny in the picture? You’ll need to get these:

# Item Description
1 Burlap Fabric Use burlap fabric for your main shape.
2 Stuffing Make your bunny 3D with stuffing.
3 Craft Metal Wire Use craft metal wire for the handle.
4 Fabric Paint Add details with fabric paint.
5 White Fur Fabric A white fur fabric is perfect for your little bunny’s tail.

Easter Carrot Door Hanger

carrot hanger
Source: Krafting With Kimber

Is the bunny décor too cutesy for your taste? Well, there are tons of different Easter and spring shapes you can make. If you’re going for fun but less childish, a carrot-shaped door hanger might be the one for you.

Here are a few materials you might need to make one:

# Item Description
1 Cardboard Sheets Use cardboard sheets as your base.
2 Acrylic Paint Color your sheets with orange and green to make it look like a carrot.
3 Glue Stick Use a glue stick to connect sheets together.
4 Twine String Twine string can be used as the handle.
5 Embossing Pen Use an embossing pen to add funky, 3D details.
6 Crafting Ribbons Crafting ribbons can make your décor look less simple.

Easter Bunny for Door Hanging

bunny wood hanger
Source: Etsy – SparkleWithDesigns

But, back to everyone’s favorite bunny. You can also create Easter bunny decors with different projects. From drawing bunnies on paper to making your own Easter bunny wreath, the sky’s the limit.

If you’re interested in making a bunny wreath, here are a few materials you might need:

# Item Description
1 Wooden Wreath Base Choose a wooden wreath base with varying sizes for easy crafting.
2 Artificial Branches Use artificial branches to create your bunny ears.
3 Artificial Flowers Decorate your bunny wreath with different kinds of flowers for a more spring look.
4 Spring-themed Ribbons Ribbons are always an easy décor item to have handy.
5 Door Hook Use an adhesive door hook to hang your wreath.

Easter Door Decorating Ideas

With all the many door decoration ideas you can do for Easter, it can get overwhelming and confusing. But that’s okay! It just shows how creative you can get with the holiday.

If you don’t know what type of decoration you want to put up, here are a few inspirations to get you started:

bird house
A bird house for your door! Source: 4 ur Break

furry bunny
A furry, white bunny door hanger is cute! Source: Collage Cab

full door decor
Decorate your door complete with garlands! Source: Decorewarding

bunny door draw
Stick the outline of a bunny for a fun decoration! Source: Kinslee Door

alice wreath
Add a whimsical vibe to your door wreath! Source: 4 ur Break

Easter Classroom Doors

brown bunny door
Source: My Web Value

If you think that decorating your doors for the holiday is strictly for your home only, think again! One other fun way to celebrate the holiday is to decorate the doors to classrooms. If you’re a teacher (especially in lower grades), you might want to present this idea to the next faculty meeting.

Just imagine how excited your students would be to see their classroom door decorated as the Easter bunny or with a bunch of whimsical flowers!

To help you convince your fellow teachers to try decorating their own classroom doors, here are a bunch of cool examples to show them:

white bunny door
Source: Door Nora

rainbow door
Source: Hike N Dip

sunny door
Source: Best Door - Sembagine

bee door
Source: Hike N Dip

chick door
Source: Twinkl UK

Easter Classroom Door Decorations

swing door
Source: Go DIY Home

Are you getting more excited to decorate your classroom door? Don’t forget to buy all the materials you’ll need to keep your students happy this spring season.

Here are a few essentials that might help you out with your decorating:

# Item Description
1 Paper Roll Use a craft paper roll to decorate the whole of your door.
2 Scissors Scissors are always handy when it comes to arts and crafts.
3 Acrylic Paint Use acrylic paint to add more colors to your decoration.
4 Pencils Pencils are perfect for making outlines for your art project.
5 Removable Tape If you don’t want to ruin your door, removable tape will be a good friend.

Other DIY Easter Door Decorations

easter door handle
Source: Etsy - SecretBeachTradingCo

Aside from different kinds of door hangers and classroom door decorations, you can also think up of other door décor for Easter. You can make use of your door as an interactive décor, like creating a pocket that looks like a nest where your kids can hide paper Easter eggs.

But one other popular door décor for the holiday is a garage door magnet.

Happy Easter Garage Door Magnets

bunny magnet
Source: ABC Distributing

Easter garage door magnets, you guessed it, are used to decorate your garage doors. Unlike classroom doors, where you can make use of paper, garage doors are found outside of your house. That means, they are more exposed to weather elements (particularly, rain).

That is why your normal paper-made décor might not be as durable for your garage doors. Never fear, because garage door magnets are made to withstand a little rain and sunshine.

These decoration pieces are also super easy to put up! All you have to do is to buy them and stick them to your garage door.

Where to Look For Easter Door Decorations for Sale?

easter burlap door wreath garland
Source: Etsy-ShaffersDesign

The lovely thing about Easter is that it’s such a popular holiday. Therefore, buying décor for this celebration is super easy. You can find a lot of these kinds of decoration in your local craft store when it’s nearing Easter time. Stores like Michaels and Hobby Lobby are definite stops for you!

There’s also a high chance that Easter décor would also be sold in general stores like Walmart and Target. But if you’re not feeling like going out to buy decorations, you can also opt to shop online at stores like Amazon and Etsy.

To help motivate you, here are a few awesome Easter door decorations you can buy in Amazon:

# Item Description
1 Burlap Easter Banner Show off the celebration with this awesome Easter banner.
2 Easter Bunny Wreath You can never go wrong with an Easter bunny-themed wreath.
3 Easter Egg Lights Light up your Easter with these awesome Easter egg lights.
4 Easter Decals For quick and easy decorating, use Easter-themed decals.
5 Easter Egg Ornaments Even Easter can have its own fancy ornaments.

BONUS: Indoor Easter Tree

easter tree
Source: The House That Lars Built

If you’re going above and beyond this spring season, you might want to learn how to make an indoor Easter tree with wire.

That’s right! Even Easter and the spring season can have its own tree décor. The best part is you can keep a tree made from wire all-year round indoors. You can even use it as décor for other occasions.

A tree made from wire can be used for Easter and decorated with Easter eggs and flowers. It can be made up for Valentine’s with paper hearts hanging all over it. Your tree can also be decorated with tinsel and holly berries for Christmas.

Getting excited? Here’s a video demonstrating how you can make a tree using wire:


Aside from celebration the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, Easter also means re-birth and celebrating life in general. That’s why a lot of people relate the celebration of Easter with the beginning of spring, when flowers bloom again and animals return from hibernation.

Making your part in the celebration obvious is quite easy, if you decorate your house (and that includes your door!). Welcome your guests and show them how much you appreciate the coming spring by adding Easter door décor.

You can choose to hang a wreath or create garlands and so much more. The sky’s the limit when it comes to the decorations you can do!