Cool Ideas for Decorating Your Mantel for Easter in 2023


Easter is fast becoming a holiday that most people in the entire world celebrate. Yes, even non-Christians celebrate the Easter holidays as well. That’s because Easter has become a mark of spring’s beginning as well. If you’re excited for the start of a new season, there’s a huge chance that you’ll be celebrating the Easter holidays as well!

And one good way of celebrating is to decorate your home for the holiday. Sure, yard decorations are all the rage during Easter because of the Easter egg hunts. But you can also spruce up your interiors. Easter decorated mantels are just one example of how you can do that!

Why Put Up Easter Mantel Decorations?

black checkered mantel
Source: Stone MT

When decorating for Easter, a mantel might not be the first thing you have in mind. After all, Easter egg hunts usually happen outdoors or Easter dinners occur in the dining room. So why should you decorate your mantel for Easter?

Well, mantels are usually found in the great room where you welcome your guests. Make your guests feel right at home during the holiday by sprucing up your great room. Easter-themed decorations on your mantel can help you achieve that.

Plus, a decorated mantel is a great place to pose for family pictures during the holiday! A decorated mantel will definitely look more festive in your photos.

Easter Mantel Décor Ideas

bunny tree
Source: Pier 1

When it comes to Easter mantel décor, you can go wild with your creative ideas. You can choose to go the more traditional route and celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ by putting on a few crosses here and there.

Or another classic way is to add Easter bunnies and eggs on your mantel. You can also go the more secular way of creating a spring-like mini-garden on top of your mantel to honor the beginning of the new season.

Whichever route you go on, the important thing is that you have fun while you’re doing it. To help you find inspiration, below are a few ways to decorate your mantel for Easter.

Spring and Easter Mantel Design

Like what was mentioned above, one of the creative things you can do to design your mantel is to go with the simple and non-religious route: celebrate spring.

Easter decorating ideas for your mantel can be super fun if you imagine yourself making an artificial garden above your fireplace. You can add flowers, faux grass, and mini white picket fences— the whole nine yards!

Here are few Easter mantel images to get your creative juices flowing:

subtle design
Go for subtle and minimalist by adding leaf and bunny motifs. Source: Stone Gable Blog

bunny mantel garland
Another simple way to decorate is to hang a white bunny garland. Source: Etsy – BrittAllgoodDesign

white country
Go for rustic with plain flowers, a bit of greenery, and quote throw pillows. Source: Michaela Diane Designs

flower pastel egg
Prop up pastel-colored eggs with floral designs for an adorable look. Source: Growing Up Bilingual

burlap easter
Make use of bright colors and burlap for a fun country vibe. Source: You and Kids

Aside from inspiring photos, here are a few décor items you might want to get for when you decorate your mantel:

# Item Description
1 BrizLabs – LED Easter Egg String Lights Light up your mantel with these adorable, pastel-colored Easter egg lights.
2 Gift Boutique – Wooden Egg Decoration Put up a few Easter eggs made from wood to look country modern.
3 Butterfly Craze – Artificial Lavender Plant Celebrate spring with tons of flowers on your mantel.
4 Homeleo – LED Easter Egg String Lights Instead of a garland you can hang, these string lights can be made to look like a light-up wreath.
5 Opps – Mini Artificial Plants Even small green shrubs can do a lot of revamp your space.

Easter Mantel in Green and White

Another way you can decorate your Easter fireplace mantel is to stick to the more natural tones of green and the cleaner shades of white. Both of them work extremely well together since white makes the green tones stand out more clearly.

Here are a few pictures to give you an example:

bunny green flower
Green and white contrasts beautifully, added with accents of grey, gold, and light wood Source: Ciao Newport Beach

green long flower
You can also recycle some of your more natural Christmas décor for your spring mantel. Source: Nell Hills

easter clean
Keep everything clean and simple. Source: Pinterest

bunny photo mantel
Make the green accents pop up amidst the more neutral colors of your mantel. Source: Modern Glam

green dominant

You can also use green as your more dominant color and white as your accent. Source: Pinterest

Easter Bunny Mantel Decorations

Cute Easter mantel decorations can differ widely for various people. Some might prefer going the floral route while others might like the bunny-heavy style better. If you’re all for the latter, then this section is perfect for you.

Easter mantel bunnies and mason jars paired together might look cute if you’re going for the country vibe. But that’s not all the decorations you can do. Check out these photos to see what other designs you can come up with:

bunny nest
Create your own bunny nest for your mantel. Source: Etsy – SouthernCottageDecor

different bunnies
Differently designed bunnies can put together a great minimalist space. Source: Organize Your Stuff Now

bunny art
Make your bunny the center of attention by putting a bunny art piece on your mantel. Source: Etsy – SistersInTheWoods

white grass bunnies
Pair up white bunnies with grass bunnies for an adorable look. Source: Ellery Designs

bunny family
Bring on a family of bunnies over to your mantel. Source: Hike N Dip

To help you get started, here are a few Easter bunny figurines that you can display on your mantel:

# Item Description
1 Burton a& Burton – Bunny and Chick Carrot Car Go for humorous and adorable with this figurine of a bunny and a chick riding a car shaped like a carrot.
2 khevga – Metal Bunny with Flowers Make your bunnies seem like they’re offering flowers to everybody.
3 GMOEGEFT – Easter Bunny Gnomes Create a whimsical vibe with these bunny gnomes.
4 MineDecor – Bunny in an Egg Make your mantel look super adorable with these three bunnies in different Easter eggs.
5 Juvale – Garden Bunnies Make your bunnies look like they just got back from gardening.

Farmhouse Style Easter Mantel

Easter is an excellent holiday to spend with your family in the comfort of your own home. So make sure to design your place to be as homey as possible. One such way to achieve that is to go with a modern farmhouse style.

Here are a few images of how to decorate a mantel, farmhouse style, for Easter:

pots in mantel
Add tons of terracotta pots to make your mantel look natural and organic. Source: Beauty for Ashes Home

kraft decor
Use kraft paper as your main décor piece. Source: She Gave It A Go

spring board
Use a cute blackboard to say your spring message. Source: Lynzy and Co

natural color
Stick to a natural color palette; like white, brown, and green. Source: The Unlikely Hostess

vintage vibe
Use vintage looking décor for a more homey vibe. Source: Twelve on Main

Other Ways to Decorate Your Easter Mantel

book bunny
Source: Sugarpie Farmhouse

Aside from the ways mentioned above, there are hundreds of other designs that you can do on your mantel for Easter. It really just depends on the look you’re personally going for. That’s why it’s better to let you explore your creativity, and suggest Easter décor that you can incorporate into your mantel designing project.

Easter Mantel Scarves

white bunny scarf
Source: Pier 1

One décor item that can easily change your mantel’s look is a fireplace mantel scarf. A scarf can make all your other décor items look put-together. A scarf makes your mantel look more organized and well thought out. That’s why it’s a good idea to put one!

Here are a few Easter-themed mantel scarves that might look pretty with your chosen design:

# Item Description
1 Linens, Art and Things – Embroidered Floral Scarf Add a dainty look to your mantel with this floral scarf.
2 Simhomsen – Bunny Easter Scarf Be more obvious with this scarf featuring Easter bunny and eggs.
3 Cassiel Home – Purple Checkered Easter Scarf Go for a brighter vibe with this purple checkered scarf with an Easter bunny outline at the end.
4 Linens, Art and Things – Burlap Mantel Scarf If you’re after a farmhouse modern style, a burlap scarf would look the most appropriate.
5 Arzoe – Vintage European Flower Lace Scarf Create a more vintage look with this floral lace scarf.

Easter Mantel Garland

color bunnies
Source: Eighteen 25

One of the easiest decorative items to put up during the Easter holidays is a garland. It instantly looks festive, and you can design any which way. You can even put messages on your banners! Say either ‘Happy Easter’ or ‘Celebrate Spring’ with the garlands over your mantel.

You can even DIY this if you want to! But if you prefer to get your garlands pre-made, here are a few awesome choices to check out:

# Item Description
1 LampLust – Lighted Berry Garlands Aiming for a natural garden look? This berry garland is the perfect addition.
2 Partyprops – Bunny Burlap Garland A simple garland to put up is this one made from burlap featuring a bunny silhouette.
3 Yaaaaasss! – Spring Garlands Stay with the light and floral theme with these pre-assembled garlands.
4 National Tree Company – Easter Eggs Garland A colorful and whimsical look can be achieved with this garland.
5 TUPARKA – Colorful Easter Banner Enjoy the holiday with light-hearted décor all over your house, just like this pastel-colored banner.

Where Can I Find Décor for Easter Mantel For Sale?

black bunny silhouette
Source: You and Kids

Decorating your mantel with Easter pieces is quite easy. From small figurines to artificial flowers, most of the materials you’ll need are widely available in large craft stores like Michaels and Hobby Lobby. You might even find what you need in small, local businesses.

Even larger general stores like Walmart and Target will probably stock a few Easter décor items in their aisles. So make sure to check these places out as well.

But if you prefer to stay within the comforts of your home, you can always do some online shopping. Stores like Amazon and Etsy have tons of choices you can pick from. And the best part? A lot of these décor items are good quality and beautiful!

Here are a few Easter décor items available in Etsy that you can put on your mantel:

# Item Description
1 GettingMyArtsyOn – Easter Mason Jar Mantel Décor These mason jars are a nice balance between bright and country style.
2 ourTraditions – Checkered Bunny Banner Stay with a subtle, country look with this adorable bunny cut-out garland.
3 AnelleToys – Easter Baskets Create your own little Easter egg nests with this adorable knit baskets.
4 ShopTheRusticCharm – Easter Floral Jar Add flowers to this burlap-covered jar for the ultimate rustic spring look.
5 4-FunGarlands – Easter Bunny Garland Prefer a vintage vibe? Check this Easter bunny garland out!


As you can see, there are tons of ways to decorate for the Easter holiday. Even something as simple as your fireplace mantel can be spruced up to keep in theme with the entire celebration. Plus, decorating your mantel also doubles as a heartwarming welcome for all your guests during Easter.

So get your creative juices running! Think of how you want your mantel to look like this Easter, and buy all the things you’ll need. It’s time to get decorating!