How to Decorate for Valentine’s Day (Décor Ideas) in 2023


It’s that time of the year again when love and romance takes center stage. Valentine’s Day: the day when couples act sweeter and single people act more bitter than usual. But so what? It’s a holiday that’s notorious for all its celebrations!

So get in the spirit and put up some décor for Valentine’s Day all around your house! You can even decorate places outside of your home, like your classroom or your office. Even the kids can help make some of your décor for you.

Whatever type of place you’re decorating, it’s possible to make it look perfect for this love-themed holiday! Want to get some inspiration for the upcoming lovefest? Read on below!

What Is Valentine’s Day?

valentine décor love
Source: Chanel Moving Forward

Valentine’s Day is celebrated every year on the 14th of February. It is of a Christian origin and the celebration honors a saint named Valentinus. However, most people celebrate the holiday for another reason entirely.

Valentine’s Day is also a celebration of love (specifically, romantic love) in modern times and is globally acknowledged in different parts of the world.

That is why it is not surprising to find different arts and crafts pertaining to love during the holiday. Valentine day décor is also very visible during February.

Valentine’s Day Décor Ideas

xoxo living room
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Now that you know a bit more about the history of Valentine’s Day, it’s time to think of the ways you can decorate during the holiday. The common themes of Valentine’s Day décor is hearts, cupids, and the colors red and pink.

But even with these specific motifs in mind, you can still create numerous types of décor for the holiday of love. Jazz up all parts of your house: from decorating your front door with floral heart wreaths to surprising your loved one with a bed of roses. It’s all up to you!

DIY Valentine’s Day Decor

pink flower valentine wreath
Source: South Lumina Style

With all the many things you can think of when it comes to decorations, sometimes it’s hard to remind yourself to stay in budget. It’s a good thing then that you can create lots of house decorations using things you can find from dollar stores and thrift shops.

By looking through shops like Dollar tree, Valentine’s Day décor projects can be as easy or complex as you want them to be.

For example, you can probably get the materials for a simple floral Valentine wreath in a dollar store. Let’s see you make one! Here are the list of materials you may want to pick up:

# Item Description
1 Heart-Shaped Wreath Base Use a heart-shaped wreath base to make shaping easier.
2 Artificial Pink Roses Add a touch of romance with the help of artificial pink roses.
3 White Satin Ribbon Hang your wreath using a white satin ribbon.
4 Craft Scissors Use craft scissors to help make your project easier to do.
5 Glue Gun & Glue Sticks A glue gun is helpful for any sticking needs.

Valentine’s Day Home Decor

love mantel
Source: Martha Stewart

Since Valentine’s Day is such an encompassing holiday, you can probably find traces of the festivity wherever you go come February. From malls to the streets, glittering red décor will probably be put up.

Don’t be a party pooper, and join in on the fun! Decorate the inside and outside of your home to celebrate the day of hearts!

Valentine’s Day Door Decor

light heart door
Source: Magz Home

The very first thing that guests will see in your home is your front door. So be sure to make it look as welcoming as you can. Valentine’s day front door décor can range from garlands to potted plants. But the most common would probably be wreaths and hangers.

To help you get started on your own front door decoration, here are a few décor items you might want to get:

# Item Description
1 Pink Hearts Wreath Add a cute and natural vibe to your door with this wreath.
2 Valentine’s Day Greeting Sign This holiday greeting is perfect for the rustic theme.
3 Valentine’s Day Greeting Rug Welcome guests to your home with this mat.
4 Valentine’s Day Banners Look festive with decoration banners on the side of your door.
5 Holly Berry Heart-Shaped Wreath Spread the love around with this beautiful wreath on your door.

Valentine’s Day Room Decor

One of the sweetest things to do during Valentine’s Day is to surprise your significant other when they get home. You can always create a Valentine haven in your bedroom for an intimate surprise.

You can also decorate your living room for maximum impact. Or if you want to gift a spa experience, decorating your bathroom is also a good idea.

Whatever you choose, your loved one will definitely appreciate the effort. Here are some room décor examples to help you out:

heart bed
The classic heart made from rose petals is romantic! Source: Oh Have You Seen This

bathroom valentine
Surprise your partner with a spa bath! Source: Home Piez

heart pics bed
Take a trip down memory lane with a collage of couple pics! Source: Un Monton de Ideas

living room valentine
Surprise them as soon as they open the door! Source: Fugar Sepatula

teddy valentine
Add a touch of cuteness with teddy bears! Source: Ethinify

Valentine’s Day Table Decor

Of course, another part of the house that would benefit from your decorating skills is the dining room. Table décor for Valentine’s Day is the perfect way to show how special the day is.

You can decorate your table just for your and your partner for an intimate dinner date at home. Or you can opt for more table settings to host your other friends and family as well!

Here are a few table set-ups you can try:

pastel valentine table
Go for pastels for a light and airy feeling! Source: Sumcoco

candy heart table
Add sweets to your décor! Source: Magz Home

mod valentine table
Stick to a color palette! Source: Home Piez

pink pink table
Go wild with the reds and pinks! Source: Hoom Design

red heart table
Add a small heart detail! Source: Sweety Homee

To help you get started, listed below are materials you might need for your table decorating:

# Item Description
1 Heart Table Runner Make your dining table look romantic with this table runner.
2 Pink Tealights Brighten up the evening with a candle-lit dinner.
3 Valentine Placemats Protect your table from spills with adorable Valentine placemats.
4 Faux Hedge ‘LOVE’ Set Add a natural vibe to your décor with this artificial potted plants.
5 Heart Fairy Lights Light up your décor with heart-shaped fairy lights.

Valentine’s Day Window Decor

heart window
Source: Womans Day

Going back to the exterior of your house, you can also decorate your windows to give them a loved up vibe. There are many Valentine’s themes to choose from: hearts, cupids, heart arrows, and so much more.

You can also choose whether you’d like to put up window stickers or Valentine-themed curtains, and the like. For more inspiration, you can check out these window décor items from Amazon:

# Item Description
1 Valentine’s Window Cling Decorations Stick Valentine-themed decorations on your windows for everyone to see.
2 Lace Heart Curtains Add romance to your décor with lace curtains.
3 Cupid Window Silhouette Strike passers-by with your love arrow as Cupid can be seen from your window.
4 Hearted Lighted Window Decoration Light up your windows with this heart.
5 Heart Garlands String a few hearts on your window to make it look more festive.

Valentine’s Day Décor For Classroom

Aside from your home, you can also get into the spirit of the holiday by decorating your classroom. If you’re a teacher, that is. Valentine’s classroom décor is super easy to do. You can even make it so that your students can also help you make your decorative items.

Why not suggest to your fellow faculty at the next meeting? You can show them these examples for inspiration:

olaf door
Source: DIY Cuteness

latte door
Source: Sonaeuk

yoda door
Source: Hike N Dip

hedgehug door
Source: DIY Cuteness

bee valentine door
Source: Sonaeuk

To help you get started in decorating your classrooms, here’s a list of arts and crafts materials you may need to buy:

# Item Description
1 Paper Roll Use paper roll to cover your classroom door.
2 Glue Stick Use glue stick to paste your crafts on your door.
3 Acrylic Paint Add color to your work with acrylic paint.
4 Craft Scissors Make use of craft scissors to create creative borders.
5 Assorted Colored Paper Create beautiful Valentine cut-outs for your classroom.

Valentine’s Day Décor For Office

If you’re not a teacher, that’s fine! You can still celebrate the day of hearts even in the office. Ask your boss and your co-workers to help you decorate your workspace with love-themed pieces. You don’t have to wait for your date later tonight to feel like it’s Valentine’s Day!

Here are some Valentine’s Day office décor examples to keep you inspired:

valentine game
Source: Valentine’s Day - Istmedya

heart walls
Source: Trgazete

love wall
Source: DIY Sweetheart

Vintage Valentine’s Day Decor

letter roses decor
Source: Follow The Yellow Brick Home

Valentine’s Day is truly a timeless holiday that has been celebrated for a long time. Indeed, it will still be celebrated well into the future.

But one thing that many people can appreciate is the look of a vintage valentine. If your loved one is someone who prefers time-worn looking pieces, why not decorate your home with vintage pieces?

Here are a few things you can get to start you off:

# Item Description
1 Vintage Valentine Throw Pillow Decorate your couch with adorable vintage Valentine throw pillows.
2 Vintage Valentine Postcards Put up vintage postcards as wall art.
3 Vintage Valentine Table Runner Go for a more homey vibe with this vintage table runner on the dining table.
4 Valentine Baker Girl Sign Use this cut-out card for a cute decoration.
5 Vintage Valentine’s Playing Cards For a more whimsical feel, use postcards themed as vintage playing cards as your decoration.

Where Can I Buy Valentine’s Day Décor?

table top heart
Source: Magz Home

It’s super easy to buy Valentine-themed décor because Valentine’s Day is such a popular holiday, both here in the US and in the world. It doesn’t matter how simple or complex your vision is. It’s a definite guarantee that you’ll find what you need in craft stores like Michael’s and Hobby Lobby.

Even general stores like Target and Walmart will absolutely have Valentine’s Day décor items in stock for you to choose from. If you’re not keen on going out, you can also place your order on online shops like Amazon and Etsy.

In fact, here’s a list to start you off with the Valentine’s day décor available over at Etsy:

# Item Description
1 LMTCreativeAtHome – Valentine’s Gift Personalized Star Map Give a unique gift to your loved one with this personalized star map.
2 LaMiaCasa – Valentine’s Hearts Garland A perfect addition to your romantic, vintage look is this heart garland made from paper.
3 OurRusticHomeDecor – Valentine’s Love Pillow Cover Add a nice Valentine touch to your couch with this rustic pillow cover.
4 ViViCreative – Burlap Heart Decor Hang burlap hearts all over your country home.
5 DECOMPOMPOMS – Paper Heart Honeycomb Decorate with paper honeycombs to up your decoration game.


Valentine’s Day is an easy holiday to decorate for because it’s super popular. That means, Valentine’s Day is also super marketable so décor items and Valentine-related items will definitely be sold everywhere.

Get right into the Valentine’s Day feels by decorating all over your house, and even outside. Classrooms and office spaces are also perfect locations to prettify during Valentine’s Day.

But even with all these decorative possibilities, don’t forget what’s really important during the day of hearts. Appreciate your loved ones and spend some quality time with them!