How to Make and Decorate Valentine Boxes in 2023


Not everything is about hanging up heart garlands or tying red balloons everywhere. Decorating for Valentine’s Day can mean tons of different things to different people. After all, the day of hearts is a holiday that is celebrated by almost everyone from every part of the world.

While decorating around your house is fun and the end result is wonderful to look at, some Valentine’s Day décor can double as other things. One good example is a Valentine’s Day box.

Never heard of it? Don’t worry! This article has got you covered. Learn what a Valentine box is, how to make and decorate it, and more. Just read on below!

Why Make Valentine Boxes?

rubiks box
Source: Onechitecture

There are many ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day, but one thing that many people appreciate is getting pretty gifts. Well, why not go a step further? Aside from heartfelt gifts, make some effort to customize and decorate the box that they come in.

Some ideas for a valentine box are generic. Wrap your box in red and white, paste a few hearts, and you’re done. But you can also go wild with your imagination! You can make Valentine’s Day boxes inspired by favorite movies or cartoon characters. You can make them work for their gift by creating a maze box. Or be super sweet by making an exploding box with pictures inside.

Whatever you choose to do, Valentine’s Day boxes are a great way to show your loved ones that you care.

Ideas for Valentine’s Day Boxes

mermaid box
Source: DIY Cuteness

Like what was said above, the sky’s the limit when it comes to designing your boxes. With that said, you can find quite a lot of Valentine’s day box ideas below!

Easy Valentine’s Box

unicorn box white
Source: Hub Pages

A cute valentine’s box doesn’t have to be hard to make. In fact, you don’t need to make them at all. If you’re a bit short on time, it might be better to just buy your Valentine’s box.

With that being said, here are a few recommendations for you:

# Item Description
1 Red and Black Exploding Box Have the surprise right in the center.
2 Valentine’s Day Care Package Sticker Set Decorate your care package set for your loved one.
3 Heart-Shaped Valentine Box You can’t get more on-theme than this.
4 Wooden Treats Box For a sturdy holder of treats, get this box
5 Mail for Valentine’s Box Get in the spirit of giving with this adorable box.

DIY Valentine Box

llama pink box
Source: The Keeper of the Cheerios

Of course, if you have the time to make homemade valentine boxes, do so! Your loved ones will surely appreciate all the effort that you’re sure to put in creating your boxes.

How to make a valentine box is quite easy, and entirely up to the design you want to do. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of wrapping or painting a shoebox. Instead of giving you a step by step guide, here are a few materials you will definitely need for your project:

# Item Description
1 Rectangular Box If you don’t have a shoebox hanging around, buy a box for your base.
2 Scissors It’s a guarantee that you’ll need scissors for this project.
3 Glue Gun and Glue Sticks For tough gluing, use a glue gun.
4 Assorted Glitters Create dazzling boxes with different colored glitters.
5 Assorted Acrylic Paint Acrylic Paint is easy to use for coloring.

How to Decorate a Valentine Box

kitty box
Source: DIY Cuteness

A cool valentine’s box really depends on what you or significant other prefers. So decorating can be really simple or tricky. Don’t worry, we’re sure you’ll find tons of inspiration for that here.

If you’re going for the classic Valentine’s Day look, here are a few decorating items you might want to stock up on:

# Item Description
1 Red and Pink Pompoms Pompoms make your crafts extra fuzzy.
2 Heart Doilies and Foams Hearts of different textures will look nice on your box.
3 Valentine’s Day Stamps & Stickers Use stamps and stickers to adorn your box.
4 Assorted Colored Paper Wrap your boxes in different colors.
5 Glue Stick A glue stick is an essential tool in any craft project.

School Valentine Boxes

actual mail box
Source: Prudent Penny Pincher

Another use for Valentine’s Day boxes is for school. Little boys and girls use these boxes to store all the valentines that they get on the day.

Make sure to give your kid a box that will make them the envy of the entire class. Of course, you should also add a bit of their personality into it. So ask them what they want their box to look like!

Here are some Valentine’s box ideas for elementary school children:

Boys Valentine Boxes

minecraft box
A Minecraft valentine box for young survivors. Source: Apikhome

darth vader box
A Star Wars valentine box for followers of the dark side. Source: Zephyr Creative Co

dinosaur box
A dinosaur valentine box for your roaring kid. Source: Mom of War Hear My Roar

color monster box
A monster Valentine’s box for kids with colorful imaginations. Source: The Creative Colorful Classroom

basket shoot box
Shoot some hoops with this basketball valentine box. Source: 24 Moolton

Pokemon box
Gotta catch ‘em all with this Pokemon Valentine’s box. Source: Apikhome

If you don’t have a lot of time to DIY, your boys will also love these valentine boxes that are available on Amazon:

# Item Description
1 Justice League Valentine Box Lovers of Superman and other DC superheroes will adore this box.
2 Star Wars Valentine Box You don’t need to choose just one character with this box.
3 Green Dinosaur Valentine Box Get everything you need with this valentine box set.
4 Minecraft Valentine Box This box is easy to make, and even includes other accessories.
5 Blue T-Rex Valentine Box Another dinosaur box that your little guys will love.

Girl Valentine Boxes

unicorn box
Grant special wishes with this unicorn Valentine’s box. Source: See Kate Sew

shopkins box
Go wild with the many different designs you can do with a Shopkins Valentine’s box. Source: Beton Telemarket

trolls box
Who wouldn’t love an adorable Trolls valentine box? Source: Reddit

pink castle box
A little princess deserves her own castle valentine box. **Source: Valentine’s Day – Big Hobby World **

You can also check out these adorable valentine boxes at Amazon. We’re sure your little girls will love them as well:

# Item Description
1 Unicorn Valentine Box You can never have too many unicorn things.
2 Llama Valentine Box A llama valentine box is also cute.
3 Hearts Valentine Box For little ladies who prefer a minimalist look.
4 Owl Valentine Box Receive your valentines via owl service.
5 Disney Princess Valentine Box Let your little girl be the princess she deserves to be.

Kids Valentine’s Box

If you want to play it safe, there are tons of designs that can definitely be considered unisex. Here are a few examples:

pig box
A pig valentine box is super adorable. Source: Parents

emoji box
Show what you feel with an Emoji valentine box. Source: Grand Crafter

lego box
Build friendships with a Lego valentine box. Source: Mood Kids

minion box
Get all the sweets with this Minion Valentine’s box. Source: Spaceships and Laser Beams

If your little kid doesn’t want anything too girly or too boyish, choose something that’s more unisex. Here are some safe choices from Amazon:

# Item Description
1 Classic Valentine Box You can never go wrong with classic red and white.
2 Emoticon Valentine Box Show everything you’re feeling with this Emoticon box.
3 Robot and Unicorn Valentine Box Have myth and space all in one box.
4 Clear Valentine Box Always see how much is inside your box because it’s clear.
5 Color Your Own Valentine Box Who doesn’t love coloring?

Other Valentine’s DIY Projects

shake love card
Source: Womans Day

Aside from adorable Valentine’s Day boxes, there are also tons of other adorable holiday paraphernalia that you can make or give.

Below are just some of the examples of gifts you can get your loved ones.

Boxed Valentine Cards

valentine heart card
Source: Teen Formula

Fill your loved ones’ Valentine’s mail boxes with sweet nothings and heartfelt letters. Use different Valentine’s cards to show your love and appreciation.

To get you started, here are some cards to choose from:

# Item Description
1 Vintage Valentine’s Day Cards Go for the timeworn look with this set of greeting cards.
2 Yummy Pun Valentine’s Day Cards Witty and adorable, these food cards will have your loved ones laughing out loud.
3 Peanuts Valentine’s Day Cards It’s hard to go wrong with a Snoopy-themed card.
4 Modern Design Valentine’s Day Cards Here are the perfect greeting cards if you want something classy yet understated.
5 Candy Hearts Valentine’s Day Cards Send a sweet throwback with these greeting cards.

Box of Chocolate: Valentine’s Special

choco heart
Source: Pinterest

A box of sweets and chocolates can never go wrong. You can also fill your Valentine’s boxes with candy and chocolate.

But if you don’t have a lot of time, a store-bought box of chocolates can also be a sweet gift to give.

Where Can I Find Valentine’s Boxes For Sale?

pug house box
Source: Elm Drive Designs

Valentine’s Day boxes are not hard to find. You can probably get ones with simple and generic designs from craft stores like Michaels and Hobby Lobby. They probably stock a few in general stores like Walmart and Target as well.

For online shoppers, you can visit online stores like Amazon which has a mix of simple and unique designs. But if you prefer your Valentine’s boxes to be more homemade and personalized, it might be better to go for shops like Etsy.

Here are a few recommended Etsy masterpieces:

# Item Description
1 KudzuMonster – Fox Valentine Box Foxes can be adorable too!
2 LilMamasAntiquities - Vintage Valentine Mailbox Sweet and dainty, have your little girl come to school with an actual mailbox.
3 KudzuMonster – Pug Valentine Box Bring your furry friend to school with this box.
4 paperglitter – Valentine Envelope Box Watch the valentines fly your way with this cute envelope-style box.
5 AnneRoadGifts – Dragon Valentine Box Look cool with a dragon box.


Decorating for Valentine’s Day is fun, especially if you can do it with your loved ones. But décor doesn’t end with your house or your classroom.

You can also decorate your gifts (or the boxes that they come in). Valentine’s boxes are not just there to look pretty. It also shows how much you care for someone because of the effort you put it making a box.