How to Decorate Your Home for Your Christmas Party in 2023


Christmas is a lot of people’s favorite holiday, and that comes as no surprise. With almost everyone celebrating Christmas, parties are bound to happen sooner or later. In fact, you might even be planning on hosting one at your own home.

If that’s the case, then décor for Christmas Party should be a priority for you a few days before the big day. There are many ways to decorate your home for a party. You can jazz up your walls, create a stage, place a buffet table, and many more.

Read on below to discover new tips and tricks on how you can design your home for the hippest Christmas party ever!

Why Put Up Christmas Party Decor?

peppermint decor
Source: Pop Top UK

Christmas is the perfect holiday to spend with loved ones and friends. Aside from summer vacation, this is probably the time of year where most of you are free to hang out with each other. Sometimes going over someone’s house to chat and eat is enough.

But isn’t it more fun to throw a party all out? Christmas holiday party décor can really give you the right holiday vibes and make get-togethers all the more fun! With holiday décor adorning your party area, you can really get into the spirit of Christmas and enjoy the day/night with your friends!

Christmas Party Décor Ideas

santa frame
Source: Christmas App Promotion Store

There are many ways to put up Christmas party decoration in your home. You can easily buy them ready-made or even make your own with craft materials. You can also choose from a wide variety of Christmas themes, from pure white snowflakes for a Winter Wonderland theme or little hats and pointy footwear décor for a Santa’s Workshop vibe.

Check out the décor ideas below for more inspiration!

Wall Décor for Christmas Party

vertical garland
Source: Brit

One part of your house that is easy to decorate is your wall. You can change up the look of a room by adding Christmas party wall décor. You can choose to make backdrops for DIY photo booths or just make your wall interesting for nice-looking backgrounds. It’s all up to you!

Here are some wall décor that can help you create the best look for your party:

# Item Description
1 Y YUEGANG LED Curtain String Lights Lighten up your walls for the holiday with adorable fairy lights.
2 Blulu Peppermint Wall Cutouts Create your own sweet Christmas party place with peppermint cutouts on your wall.
3 TOARTi Merry Christmas Quotes Decals Add a jolly greeting to your party room with these Christmas-themed quotes.
4 Sevendec Christmas Tapestry Make your own Christmas photo booth with this holiday tapestry.
5 RoomMates Glitter Snowflakes Wall Decals Create the illusion of snow inside your house with these festive snowflake decals.

Stage Décor for Christmas Party

star green balloon
Source: Mimi’s Dollhouse

Sometimes typical Christmas home party décor is not enough. When you’re going to host a party in the office or a huge gathering of people, making a stage is necessary. After all, you’re going to have enjoyable entertainment for your guests.

As such, you will need to make sure that your stage is set up for the best Christmas party look ever! Here are some materials that may prove useful:

# Item Description
1 SUNY Mini Party Laser Lights and Music Projector Help out your Christmas presentations with this portable laser lights and sounds projector.
2 Blulu Christmas Backdrop Scene Entertain your guests with a production and use this backdrop to set the holiday spirit.
3 USTELLAR 2 Pack LED Flood Lights Light up your stage with this pair of flood lights.
4 Twinkle Star LED String Lights Decorate your stage with star-shaped string lights.
5 Beistle Printed Indoor Christmas Props Turn your stage into a cosy Christmas setting with these props.

DIY Christmas Party Decor

candy vase
Source: Country Living

DIY Christmas décor for your party is a great idea if you’re on a tight budget. After all, raw materials tend to be more affordable than ready-made decorations. If you have the time to make your own décor, go for it. You can even make it a bonding activity between you and your loved ones. Kids, especially, will enjoy making decorations with you.

Here are some of the things you might like to start with:

# Item Description
1 BoJia 100 Pcs 4mm Pearl String Roll Beads Use these beads to create snowy garlands.
2 Canorful 8 Pack Mini Fairy String Light Use these short string lights to make your own wine bottle light fixtures.
3 FiveRen 27 Pcs Natural Jute and Burlap Set Use these jute and burlap details to create rustic holiday décor.
4 Hecaty 252 Ft Artificial Vines Make your Christmas look more natural by using artificial vines to liven up the décor.
5 YIHANGBEST 10 Pcs Wood Slices Make your holiday have a more country vibe by using these tree bark slices for decoration.

Christmas Party Table Decor

black plaid table
Source: Farmhouse By Design

When there’s a Christmas party, there is food. Even your dining area needs a little attention so make sure you decorate well for the holiday. In fact, below are a few table décor ideas for your Christmas party!

Christmas Party Buffet Decor

If you want to know how to decorate a buffet table for your Christmas party, then you’ve come to the right place. Adding décor to where the food will placed is a good idea since all the guests will definitely visit there at least once. You can really get them into the spirit of the party if you add décor here.

Just look at the pictures below to find inspiration for your own buffet table:

red santa buffet
Look jolly with all the reds and a big Santa on your table! Source: Tutus Para Fiestas

simple rustic buffet
Rustic vibes can be one through simple white plates, wooden stands, and green décor. Source: Enchanted Home

cupcake toppings
Use cupcake molds for your toppings! Source: Etsy – EmilyEntertains

plaid wood buffet
Wood and red plaid will look great for country Christmas parties! Source: TraveldWorld

white winter buffet
Use clear acrylics and white cake stands for a Winter Wonderland party! Source: Seventeen

They’re so awesome, right? To help you make your own buffet table as impressive, below are materials on how to decorate a table for Christmas party:

# Item Description
1 PONY DANCE Party Table Runner Add glitz to your party with this shiny table runner.
2 SMALL FISH Mini Chalkboard Signs Let your guests know each dish with this adorable sign.
3 Collections Etc Beaded 3-Tier Swivel Servers Glam up your dishes with this impressive 3-tiered server.
4 ZagGit Metallic Gold Foil Fringe Decor A gold fringe as a backdrop can jazz up your buffet area.
5 EAMBRITE White LED Bonsai Light Create your own winter wonderland by adding tiny white trees on your table.

Christmas Cocktail Party Table Decor

Some Christmas parties are bigger than others, with guest lists that are longer than some. So it’s not surprising if you need to take turns seating on the available tables and chairs. A great Christmas party idea is to place a few cocktail tables where some of your guests can hang out while waiting.

New to cocktail tables? Below are some pictures of how you can decorate them for the event:

fairy light table
Use fairy lights to make your cocktail table stand out! Source: My Wedding HQS

shimmery ribbon table
Use a shimmery fabric as the ribbon of your table to look more festive! Source: Mrs. Freund

ribbonless table
Think about going ribonless for a more unique look! Source: Wedding Wire

glitzy table look
For maximum effect, choose shiny fabrics for a glitzy look! Source: CV Linens

rustic barrel table
Barrels look perfect for rustic parties! Source: Wedding Wire

Now that you have some ideas on how you can decorate your cocktail tables, you’ll need a few materials. Check out the ones below, and you might just find what you’re looking for!

# Item Description
1 LoveNite Wine Bottle Lights For a more casual atmosphere, go for this laidback light fixtures.
2 Acrabros Sequin Table Runners Make your cocktail tables look extra festive with these amazing table runners.
3 DII Santa’s Workshop Table Runner This cute Santa postal theme will really get you and your guests into the spirit of the holiday.
4 Christmas Snowman Skewers Decorate your finger foods according to the occasion.
5 Volens Gold Candle Holders Light up your cocktail tables with these stunning candle holders.

Christmas Décor For Office Party

Like what was mentioned above, you might be planning a Christmas party for your office. Decorating for a workplace tends to be a bit different than decorating for your home. Usually you’ll be working with a limited budget which you’ll need to stretch to accommodate a big space.

To give you some inspiration on how you can creatively spruce up your office area, here are a few examples:

north pole office
Create your own North Pole! Source: PopTop

fake fireplace
Make your own fireplace with Grinch christmas party décor! Source: Party City

wall paper mural
Use paper to make a christmas mural! Source: The Architecture Designs

christmas cubicle
Be creative and turn your cubicle into Christmas houses! Source: Blogspot – Office Decors

whoville cubicle
Turn your entire area into Who-ville!Source: Rewno – Christmas Decorations DIY

Kids Christmas Party Decor

When planning Christmas parties, you’ll also need to take into accounts kids. The kids in your family will definitely appreciate the tiny details you make to include them in the special event. Here are few cool ways to do just that:

gift table
Design your classroom tables to look like gifts. Source: Homeroom Mom

paper reindeer
Use paper to decorate your utensils. Source: Twinkle Twinkle Little Party

poke a tree
Hit two birds with one stone and use paper cups as decoration and a game! Source: Awesome Jelly

gingerbread party
Let your kids exercise their creativity through a gingerbread party! Source: Momooze

kraft table cloth
Use kraft paper as table cloth so that your kids can draw on it. Source: Gravetics

Other Christmas Party Themes

mirror decor
Source: Made By A Princess Parties

If you’re thinking that red and green is the only theme you can go with when it comes to Christmas parties, think again. One great thing about Christmas is that you can design for it any way you want. Do you want to stick with a classic yet elegant design? Go for Winter Wonderland.

Do you prefer a bit unconventional and dark theme? A Nightmare Before Christmas party will be awesome! Maybe something a bit more reflective to your personality? Mix Christmas elements with your favorite book or movie!

Below are amazing examples on how you can decorate for Christmas this year:

whimsy white
Put up white christmas party décor for a whimsical winter look! Source: The House The Lars Built

nightmare christmas decor
For a freaky Christmas, decorate with Nightmare Before Christmas party décor! *8Source: Catch My Party**

retro decor
Have a blast from the past with retro christmas party décor. Source: Pinterest

cosy country
Use country christmas party décor for a rustic and cosy look. Source: Traveld World

Check out some of these materials that you can use for the theme of your choice:

# Item Description
1 NIETING Tinssel Christmas Tree Experience a blast from the past with this awesome tinsel tree set.
2 180D Retro Vintage Style Christmas Elf Figurines Add a vintage vibe to your party with these adorable elf figurines.
3 FUTUREPLUSX Gone Plush Go for cosy and minimalistic with these Scandinavian-inspired gnome plushies.
4 YOSICHY Rustic Christmas Ornaments Embrace the country feeling this Christmas with these cute plaid tree ornaments.
5 Kurt Adler Doctor Who Weeping Angel Christsmas Treetop Rejoice with your fandom this holiday with a creepy Weeping Angel atop your Christmas tree.

Christmas Party Balloon Decor

elf candy balloon
Source: Kara’s Party Ideas

A fun and easy way to decorate your space for a Christmas party is to use balloons. Balloons are almost synonymous to celebrations and take up a lot of room so you can really maximize the area with them.

Here are a few cute balloon sets you can use for your party:

# Item Description
1 GGDE Candy Balloon Set Celebrate a sweet Christmas with these candy-themed balloons.
2 Simnuply DIY Balloon Arch and Garland Kit, Gold and Silver Go for a glitzy and glam look this holiday with this balloon set.
3 Dandy Décor Rose Gold Balloon Set, 60 Pack Go for a more modern look for your Christmas party with rose gold décor.
4 OuMuaMua Red White Green Gold Balloon Kit For the classic Christmas colors, this balloon kit will serve you well.
5 Beaumode Pastel Balloons Softer looks for your parties can be achieved with this 100-piece pastel balloon set.

Where Can I Find Christmas Party Decor For Sale?

gold white balls
Source: Harper’s Bazaar

Buying décor for Christmas parties is easy and effortless. With how universal the holiday is, you’ll probably find all the stores selling something Christmas-related. From general stores like Walmart and Target to your local grocery, you can get a fair share of Christmas decorations with no problems at all.

You’ll definitely find them in small and big craft stores like Michaels. But if you don’t want to venture out of your home, you can always get them online in stores like Amazon and Etsy.

In fact, here are a few beautiful pieces you can get from Etsy:

# Item Description
1 BeearandRoseCompany – Personalised Reindeer Name Table Setting Let your guests know where they should sit with this adorable wooden reindeer décor.
2 CherCanDoIt – Let’s Get Elfed Up Christmas Banner Have fun with your décor and hang up an unconventional banner.
3 ShopCrated – Nutcracker Party Supplies Add a whimisical twist to your Christmas party with this set.
4 CherCanDoIt – Merry Friendsmas Balloon Kit Light up your friendly Christmas party with this balloon set.
5 JanesFrontDoorDecor – Naughty or Nice Sign Instead of a wreath, welcome your guests with this sign.


Christmas parties are almost inevitable during the holidays, and you’ll probably need to plan at least one. Make it more fun for your family and friends by putting up Christmas party décor. They’ll surely transform your party place into a lively and lovely area!
So what are you waiting for? Choose a party theme and get to decorating the best Christmas party ever!