Easter Centerpiece Ideas for Parties & Decorations in 2023


Easter is a holiday that tons of people celebrate. Some do so to honor the [Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Others celebrate to show appreciation to the start of a new season and the blooming of life around us again after the coldness of winter.

That’s why throwing a party is such a great idea! Aside from decorating your entire room, you should also think about putting a pretty Easter centerpiece in the middle of your table. Centerpieces for your Easter table will not only make everything look more on-theme. It can also help keep the mood light and fun for the occasion!

Want to learn more tips on how to decorate with Easter centerpieces? Read on below!

Why Decorate with Easter Centerpieces?

bunny rustic
Source: Decorate and More With Tip

An Easter centerpiece for your table isn’t just there to look pretty (although it will definitely look beautiful). Decorating for the holidays helps remind everyone of what and why you’re celebrating.

They are there to keep your spirits up and to show your guests that they’re welcome. People who come in your house and see all the décor that you put up will know that you made the effort to make your house welcoming for them. So make sure to get a few décor items out when throwing a party, no matter how big or small it may be.

Ideas for Table Centerpieces for Easter

soft pastel vase
Source: Good Housekeeping

While Easter table centerpieces might not be the most popular décor that you might think of, there are still tons of ways to make one. If you have the time, creating your own table centerpiece for Easter might prove to be a satisfying creative project.

Other times, purchasing a centerpiece might be the easier and more convenient way to go. This is especially true if you lead a very busy life. Whatever route you decide to go on, it’s best to know more about your choices.

So here’s a few ideas for what you can do for your table centerpieces:

DIY Easter Centerpieces

tiered easter
Source: Ethinify

DIY-ing your Easter centerpiece is a personal preference that only you could answer. Sure, you could always search the web for inspiration. But the end result? It all depends on what you want.

Homemade Easter centerpieces can take different shapes. So looking for a step by step guide depends on the design you want to go with. Instead of a guide, here are a few Easter decorations that can help you make your own Easter centerpiece:

# Item Description
1 Artificial Flowers Make sure to put lots of vibrant flowers to show your love for spring.
2 Pastel Foam Eggs Easter isn’t complete without colorful eggs.
3 Easter Bunnies Use mini Easter bunnies to level up your centerpiece.
4 Miniature White Fence Go for a sweet, country vibe with a miniature white fence around your centerpiece.
5 Pastel Paints Make sure to paint most of your Easter décor in pastel shades.

Floral Easter Centerpieces

Another take on Easter décor is to make the most of the flowers around you. Remember, you’re also celebrating the beginning of spring which is when most flowers start to bloom again. Easter flower arrangements as your table centerpieces aren’t just timely. They’re beautiful.

Check out these photos for more centerpiece inspiration:

floral garden
Create your own wild garden! Source: White Décor

wild flowers
Go for a more natural look with lots of greenery and flowers! Source: Grace in this Space

tin bucket vase
Use a tin bucket to get that rustic country vibe! Source: Country Living

egg flowers
Add Easter eggs under your bouquet for a cute detail! Source: Décor Home Ideas

purple flowers
Stick to one color for a dramatic look! Source: Canzone Leave

You can also purchase pre-made floral centerpieces if you lack the time. Here are a few you can buy from Amazon:

# Item Description
1 Butterfly Craze Artificial Lavender Plant Go for a sweet and cool look with a bunch of lavenders in a wooden pot.
2 National Tree Company Spring Candleholder Aside from the pretty flowers, you can also add candles to this centerpiece.
3 Sunm Boutique Artificial Flower Bouquet Go for a modern look with this clear vase.
4 LG LOUIS GARDEN Flowers in Picket Fence Go for the classic American look with this white picket fence centerpiece.
5 Walford Home Farmhouse Flower Buckets Another rustic looking vibe is when you put wild flowers in a tall bucket.

Deco Mesh Easter Centerpiece

deco mesh center
Source: Etsy – WreathsEtc

Deco Mesh is a great idea for Easter table centerpieces. Just like its wreath variety, it’s quite simple to do.

You just need to choose which colored mesh ribbons to get, cut them into pieces of similar length, group each piece, and attach them to a base. You can also add other décor items like mini Easter eggs and bunnies to make it more personal.

Here are some materials that you might need:

# Item Description
1 Wreath Base Use a wreath base to start your centerpiece.
2 Deco Mesh Ribbon Choose pastel shades for your spring centerpiece.
3 Colorful Pipe Cleaners Use pipe cleaners to group ribbon pieces together.
4 Mini Foam Carrots Add smaller details like foam carrots.
5 Easter Foam Stickers Use stickers to make your centerpiece more in theme with Easter.

Easter Candy Centerpieces

Decorating for your Easter party is fun. But you know what would be more fun? If you put some edible decorations as well. Edible Easter centerpieces will be a great hit with both adults and kids.

Here are a few photos for inspiration:

candy fillers
Go for pink M&M’s and white Easter bunny marshmallows as fillers for your vase! Source: Woman’s Day

choco eggs vase
Hide chocolate eggs inside your vase! Source: How to Make Edible Bouquets

small jellybean
Fill small vases with jellybeans and marshmallows! Source: Bonbon Rose Girls

easter candy
Different shaped containers full of Easter candies are great centerpieces as well! Source: Rodger Jennings

pot candies
Use actual flower pots to house your chocolates and marshmallows! Source: Home Midi

Need to stock up on your candies? Amazon has got you covered:

# Item Description
1 Pink and White M&Ms Go for light and bubbly with pink M&Ms.
2 Easter Bunny Masrhmallows Stay in theme with these marshmallows.
3 Pastel Jellybeans Even your jellybeans will look more in tune with spring if they’re in a pastel shade.
4 Chocolate Eggs Don’t forget this classic Easter candy!
5 Flower Lollipops Celebrate the beauty of spring with this pretty lollipops.

Elegant Easter Table Centerpieces

garden bunny white
Source: Shairoom

Since Easter is a time of new beginnings, some parties thrown during this holiday are more important than others. May it be your wedding, anniversary, or birthday, make sure your decorations are as elegant as possible.

Easter Wedding Table Centerpieces

Your Easter wedding is one of the most important days of your lives. So even the smallest details in the decorations must look nice. Make sure that your wedding table centerpieces look immaculate. After all, they’ll be immortalized in your wedding pictures.

Here are some table centerpieces you can put in your wedding:

tulip egg
Go with simple tulips and pastel eggs! Source: You and Your Weddin

pink rose
Stick to simple and classic! Source: Tidewater and Tulle

country wedding
Tin cans, flowers, and light wood are the perfect details for a spring wedding! Source: 100 Layer Cake

wild fruit
Mix in fruits with your flowers for a wild look! Source: Country Living

white tulip
Simple white tulips can look extravagant in a clear vase! Source: Best Womanz

To help you make your own elegant spring wedding table centerpieces, here are some materials you can get:

# Item Description
1 Artificial Pink Roses Pink roses look simple yet romantic.
2 Galvanized Pitcher Vase Put your flowers in this vase for a rustic look.
3 Polished Pebbles Use polished pebbles for the small details in your centerpiece.
4 Artificial Fruits Mix in a few fruits in your centerpiece for a wilder, more organic vibe.
5 Wood Bark Candleholder Keep it to the rustic vibe with these candleholders.

Easter Centerpiece Ideas for Kids

The great thing about doing your centerpieces with your kids is the bonding experience. Plus, easy to make Easter centerpieces are simpler to do and prepare for. Just make sure to clean up after your project is done.

Here are a few examples of what you can do with your kids:

sunflower craft
Use cut-out sunflowers for your centerpiece! Source: Country Living

skewered candy
Make a bouquet of skewered candies, and have your kids help you! Source: Womans Day

styro cup
Make a bunny vase for your chocolates using a Styrofoam cup! Source: Recipes Uygunkredicek

chick cup
If you can use styro, you can also make spring chicks with plastic cups! Source: Googo Décor

egg paint
Ask your kids to paint egg-shaped ornaments that you can hang! Source: Family Holiday

Simple Easter Centerpiece Ideas

yellow easter
Source: Ethinify

There are many ways to make simple centerpieces for Easter. But the simplest of them all is to just buy some. If you’re truly busy, there’s nothing wrong with purchasing pre-made Easter décor. In fact, most people will probably go that route.

So below is an example of how you can decorate a few pre-made products.

How to Decorate Easter Egg Tree Centerpiece

easter egg tree centerpiece
Source: Search Homee

Easter egg trees are a great centerpiece since you need only one and you’re good to go. Plus, they’re easy to decorate. You just need colorful string and Easter eggs. After hanging your eggs, you’re good to go.

Here are a few trees you can buy from Amazon:

# Item Description
1 Vanthylit Easter Floral Tree A simple white tree is the perfect contrast to your more brightly colored Easter eggs.
2 EAMBRITE Warm White LED Tree Go the next level with lighted trees!
3 Glitzhome Easter Eggs Burlap Tree If you’re more into the natural look, this brown-branched tree is for you.
4 EAMBRITE Easter Birch Tree This tree is perfect for the minimalist country look.
5 Hairui Lighted Pastel Pink Tree For a daintier take on the Easter tree, why not go for pink?

Where Can I Find Easter Centerpieces For Sale?

cabbage centerpiece
Source: Country Living

Most Easter centerpieces might not be available as is in a lot of stores. But don’t be discouraged. A lot of the materials you need will probably be available in large craft stores like Michaels and Hobby Lobby. You might even find some of the materials in your local dollar store.

It’s also a safe bet to say that the materials you might need is also in stock in general stores like Walmart and Target. But if you’d rather get your cheap Easter centerpiece ideas online, don’t worry. You can still get a lot of them from Amazon and Etsy.

In fact, here are a few centerpiece materials you can get from Etsy:

# Item Description
1 KeepinItCongdon Bee Hive Decor A different take on spring décor is to add bee-themed details.
2 TheWoodenOwlEaster Bowl Pedestal Use bowls with stands to look homey yet elegant.
3 QuiltingBobbinsRound Pastel Easter Topper Put a table topper underneath your centerpiece for a more put-together look.
4 MakodesignsCo Easter Centerpiece Go for simple and rustic with this centerpiece.
5 TheVioletPeanut Easter Gift Basket For a more personalized rustic look, go for this gift basket.


Easter is a fun holiday to celebrate with your friends and family. So make sure to throw a party and decorate for it. Don’t just go for a simple lunch or dinner.

Jazz up the look of your place with Easter décor and table centerpieces. Aside from looking beautiful, these décor will help everyone remember why you’re celebrating in the first place! So what are you waiting for? Go and create the perfect table centerpiece for your Easter party today!