How to Decorate for Father’s Day in 2023


Dads make us feel safe and protected. They provide us with the things we need, and are there for us anytime we need them. Really, our dads are probably the first superheroes we’ve met alongside our moms. So it really isn’t surprising that a holiday is dedicated to celebrate fathers all around the world.

Father’s Day may fall on a weekend, but it’s nonetheless a special weekend where you just show your dad how much you appreciate him. That’s why it’s a great idea to throw a small get-together with the entire family.

Discover how you can make this Father’s Day a holiday to remember by reading on below.

Why Celebrate Father’s Day?

best dad
Source: Hello Wonderful

It’s hard to imagine a life without your dad. He’s been a constant throughout your life, and has been there through your ups and downs. That’s why celebrating Father’s Day is a great way to show your love and how grateful you are for your father.

This holiday is also a cool way to show appreciation for all the fathers in your family. So invite your father, grandfather, uncles, nephews, and sons and have a blast this holiday. There are tons of ways to celebrate Father’s Day.

Want to get ready for the party? Make sure you have the Father’s Day décor put up well beforehand.

Father’s Day Décor Ideas

paper tie
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Unlike Mother’s Day, Father’s Day decorations tend to be more casual and laid-back. You don’t really have to go all the way for your dad to appreciate the effort you put into the party. Dads aren’t very picky when it comes to how beautifully decorated the party is after all. As long as you’re together and having fun, they’d be happy.

But it doesn’t hurt to put a few décor here and there. Below are some of the ways you can decorate your place for a Father’s Day party.

Father’s Day Table Settings

Aside from putting up room decorations for Father’s Day, it is also important for you keep the table looking good. It doesn’t do to have amazing dishes during the party but the table isn’t set to look equally fantastic as well.

Don’t worry! With a few little touches of décor here and there, you can transform your table into one that your dad will definitely love. Here are a few ideas you can do:

screw decor
Use construction tools as part of your décor. Source: Joy in Every Season

barbecue table
Decorate with patriotic colors and grilling accessories if your dad loves barbecuing. Source: A Labour of Life

tennis table
Incorporate Dad’s favorite sport in the décor. Source: Joy in Every Season

masculine color
Select masculine colors for your table. Source: Pizzazzerie

leather rings
Use leather ribbons as your table napkin rings. Source: Designthusiasm

You can also decorate your table easily with things that you buy ready-made. Not everything needs to be DIY-ed. Here are a few Father’s Day décor you can put on the table and around the dining room:

# Item Description
1 Blue Panda – Happy Father’s Day Napkins Stick to the theme with these paper napkins.
2 Partyprops – Burlap Father’s Day Banner Hang up this burlap banner if you’re going for a rustic country vibe.
3 Partyprops – Happy Father’s Day Large Banner Show dad some love with this banner that doubles as a nice photo backdrop.
4 COLORFUL DÉCOR – Black and Gold Paper Decorations Kit Decorate the dining area with black and gold paper pom poms, garlands, and fans.
5 ODISTAR – Light Up Marquee Letters Spell Dad’s name in bright colors with these light-up marquee letters.

Father’s Day Centerpieces

Of course, if you’re decorating your table to look extra special for this holiday, you’ll also need centerpieces. You can’t have the middle of the table looking bare, right?

That’s why you should check out these Father’s Day decoration ideas below for some centerpiece inspiration:

glass bottle vase
Use empty glass bottles as your vase. Source: All Free Holiday Crafts

dad golf
Put Dad’s favorite things all in one centerpiece. Source: Pinterest

tieriffic dad
A DIY tie in your décor will look adorable. Source: B Lovely Events

dad bucket
Get Dad everything he wants in a bucket. Source: Everyday Dishes

boot centerpiece
You can also use work boots as a temporary vase. Source: WW32

If you’re running out of time and can’t make centerpieces from scratch, not to worry. You can always buy pre-made centerpieces to decorate with in the middle of your table. Here are some recommendations you might want to check out:

# Item Description
1 Big Dot of Happiness – My Dad is Rad Centerpiece Stick this sign in the middle of a vase for an easy decorating time.
2 Big Dot of Happiness – Par-Tee Time Centerpiece This centerpiece set is perfect if your dad likes playing golf.
3 Beistle – Beer Mug Centerpiece Get the party started with this amazing beer mug centerpiece.
4 Yaaaaasss! – Gone Fishing Centerpeice Make an adorable centerpiece for your dad with this fishing set.
5 Creative Co-op – 4 Mini Boot Vases Instead of using real boots, you can opt for boot-shaped vases instead.

Best Homemade Father’s Day Gifts

diy dad craft
Source: Everyday Good Thinking

It’s been established above that when it comes to dads, decorating every inch of the place isn’t really necessary. Just spruce up the place, cook delicious meals, and have a nice day with the entire family. Those are enough to fill any dad’s heart.

So instead of making DIY décor, spend your time perfecting the arts and crafts that you’re planning to give your dad as a gift. There are tons of projects to do. It’s now time to pick one!

Father’s Day Cards

Greeting cards are always a great way to tell someone you love them. Making your dad his own greeting card is personal, and fun to do.

Here are a few awesome ways to create a Father’s Day card that you and your little kids can help make together:

dad world
Use felt paper and googly eyes to make a Daddy world for Dad. Source: Kreative in Life

saw dad
A paper plate can also be a good card base. Source: Society19

work uniform dad
Create work uniform cards from colored paper. Source: Mommy Made That

French fry love
Say nice words to Dad with pieces of French fries. Source: Handmade Charlotte

chocolate tie
Go above and beyond by using chocolate as a detail for your card. Source: Cut Out and Keep

As much as everyone wants to make DIY Father’s Day cards to all the fathers in their family, sometimes you just have enough time to do it. It’s a good thing that there are lots of great ready-made cards to choose from. Here are a few you may like:

# Item Description
1 Hallmark – Vintage Classic Car Elegant and humorous, this card will definitely be a hit with dads who love cars.
2 Hallmark – Pop Up Beer Card Who wouldn’t love a pint with their card, right?
3 Hallmark – Mr. Incredible Card Show your dad that he’s the superhero in your life with this card.
4 Decolove – Ugly Children Card Simple, funny, straight to the point: your dad will definitely enjoy this try on dad humor.
5 Dakotan – Wooden Father’s Day Card Give your dad something a bit different this year with a wooden card.

Father’s Day Presents: DIY Crafts

Father’s Day cards are lovely and personal. But that’s not the only things you can give the men in your family during this holiday. Creativity is the name of the game, and choices are endless. So really work your imagination when you’re thinking of what you’re making your dad this holiday.

But if you’re looking for some inspiration, it wouldn’t hurt to check out these photos below:

green plate
Paint over a plate to give Dad a special gift. Source: Redtri

hand card
Use hand cut-outs to make an adorable card. Source: Hike N Dip

apron paint
Finger paint on an apron and give it to Dad. Source: Happiness is Homemade

tie choco
Give your Dad some chocolate stored in a DIY tie container. Source: Faithfully Free

catch dad
Put all of Dad’s favorite gummy snacks in one container as a gift! Source: Crafty Morning

Excited to make arts and crafts projects for Dad? Wait no more. You can also get these materials so that you’ll find it easier to create your gifts for the men in your family:

# Item Description
1 Baker Ross – DIY Bookmark Tie Design your own tie-shaped bookmark that you can give to your dad.
2 Baker Ross – Father’s Day Wooden Keychains Paint a wooden keychain to give to Dad.
3 Fun Express – DIY Picture Frame Decorate your own picture frame to commemorate memories with your dad.
4 Colorations – Decorate Your Own Plastic Mugs Create a masterpiece that your dad can use every morning.
5 Great Mold – Shirt Tie Silicone Mold From chocolates to handmade soap, you can use this mold to make Dad the perfect gift.

Where Can I Find Father’s Day Decorations For Sale?

awesome dad flag
Source: Society19

Decoration ideas for Father’s Day are all well and good, but you’ll also need tons of material when making them. It’s a good thing that this holiday is really universal and widely celebrated. What’s more, you can decorate any way you want so you wouldn’t even need to stick to holiday specific décor.

Is your dad a fan of barbeques? Well, you can recycle your Memorial Day or 4th of July decorations, no problem. You can also look into sports-related décor while you’re at it. Local craft stores have tons of decoration kits that work all kinds of themes, so you won’t be hard-pressed into finding materials for your Father’s Day party.

You can even buy these materials online, in stores like Amazon and Etsy, if you prefer to stay inside the comforts of your own home. In fact, here are a few Father’s Day décor items you might like to check out:

# Item Description
1 WoodByStu – Wooden Dad Sign Make a sign for Dad and customize it by writing down your names.
2 unameitpersonalized – Hammer Wall Décor Sign This gift is perfect for Dad’s who love to build things on their own.
3 HandcraftedScripture – Spell Father Sign This wall décor has a simple but heartwarming message.
4 CCMShop – 3D Father’s Day Tower Crystal Instead of a typical picture frame, give your dad a 3D one.
5 RindleWaves – Radiowave Art Show Dad how much you love him with this amazing radio wave art.


Father’s Day is an important holiday. You get to celebrate all the love, sacrifices, and hard work that your dad gave you and is continuously giving you. This holiday is a great way to say thank you and to give back just a little to your dad.

Sure, most dads might not buy into the fully decorated parties that most moms would enjoy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put a lot of effort to make their party more memorable. Even though they might not say it out loud, dads also love being pampered sometimes. So spoil your dad today and start decorating for his Father’s Day party!