How to Set Up A Table Setting for Easter & More Ideas in 2023


Easter is another holiday that more and more people are celebrating. Before, Easter was mostly commemorated by Christians because of Jesus Christ’s Resurrection. But today, others are also celebrate Easter for more secular reasons. Essentially, more and more are marking Easter as the beginning of spring.

One way to show your happiness about the start of a new season is to throw a party. And parties are not complete without food! But don’t just serve dishes. Get really into the holidays by setting up Easter décor for your table!

If this is a new idea for you, don’t worry! Read the cool ideas below, and you’ll be covered!

Why Set Up Table Decorations For Easter?

green white table
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It’s easier to celebrate an occasion when there’s decoration about. If you have the time to decorate, do so. You’ll definitely feel the difference once they’re all up. But wall and room décor are different from dinner decorations. So why set up your tables for the holidays?

The same reason why you arrange dinner when it’s Christmas or Valentine’s Day. You just want to show your loved ones that you’re happy you’re together during Easter. It’s as simple as that! By decorating for your holiday dinner, you’re putting up the effort to show that it’s a special kind of day!

With no further ado, below are Easter table decoration ideas for you to check out!

Table Decoration for Easter

brown eggs
Source: Hike N Dip

There are many ways to set up décor for your Easter table. From cute little bunnies to elegant spring flowers, you can really go any which way creatively. It’s all up to you!

Aside from the themes of your décor, you should also think about actual tableware you’re going to use. Here are some examples:

Easter Table Runner

brown runner bunny
Source: Ebay

Why would you want to know how to make an Easter table runner when you can buy a ready-made one instead? There are tons of beautiful Easter-themed table runners available in stores that are affordable. This is the perfect choice if you have little time to prepare!

Here are a few table runner recommendations available over at Amazon:

# Item Description
1 Embroidered Easter Egg Table Runner Choose this table runner if you’re going for a vintage and fun look!
2 Easter Egg Lace Table Runner Lace always look dainty and fancy, and this table runner is no exception.
3 Pastel Checkered Table Runner Go for lots of shades with this pastel-colored table runner.
4 Checkered Aqua Table Runner Don’t like lots of colors? Well, go for your classic cool mint instead!
5 Embroidered Beige Bunny Table Runner For a more classic look, go with this vintage Easter bunny table runner.

Easter Table Cloth

easter dainty
Source: Little House of Stones

Aside from table runners, another piece of dinner accessory you will need is a table cloth. Table cloths are perfect protection if you don’t want to ruin your table. They can absorb spills and stains, and are easily washable.

What’s more, table cloths are perfect decorations as well. They can easily transform the look of your dining. So here are some Easter-themed table cloths you to look at:

# Item Description
1 Pink Tassel Table Cloth Go for sweet and dainty with this pink tasseled table cloth.
2 Spring Tulips Table Cloth Celebrate the blooming of flowers with this bubbly table cloth.
3 Minimalist Floral Table Cloth Still look festive but with a muted look with this table cloth.
4 Easter Egg Table Cloth Really get into the holidays with this pastel Easter egg covered table cloth.
5 Happy Easter Tablecloth Great everyone a ‘Happy Easter’ with this table cloth.

Easter Table Linens

bunny ear napkin
Source: Etsy

When it comes to table linen, it doesn’t end with table runners and table cloths. Another thing you will need to decorate your dining table is napkins. If you think you’re going overboard, think again. All these décor items are not only there to look pretty. They also have a purpose.

Napkins are great since your guests can use it to protect their clothes from getting dirty during dinner. So check out these ones below. You might just find what you’re looking for:

# Item Description
1 Checkered Pink Table Napkins Cute and on-theme, a checkered pink table napkin is a great choice.
2 Checkered Pastel Table Napkins Can’t choose a single color? Well, no need to pick since this table napkin has multiple ones!
3 Easter Egg Table Napkins Who doesn’t like to see Easter eggs in Easter, right?
4 Easter Bunny Table Napkins Get table napkins featuring the holiday mascot!
5 Floral Table Napkins Celebrate spring with floral table napkins.

Easter Table Decoration: Easter Candy Table

Candies are not just for eating you know! You can also use Easter candy for your decorations, especially if you have kids coming over. Don’t believe it?

Check out these pictures below for inspiration:

candy wonderland
Place lots of candies on clear containers!Source: Turtle Creek Lane

mini vase
Go for sweet with this mini candy vase! Source: Twins Dish

candy vase
Use candy as decoration as well! Source: Twins Dish

everything easter
Make everything on theme! Source: Catch My Party

easter jar
Place pastel jellybeans in Easter-themed Mason jars! Source: Womans Day

Of course, you will also need candy for your Easter eggs! If Christmas has stocking stuffers, then Easter has Easter egg or basket stuffers. Here are a few candies to put in your goodies:

# Item Description
1 Easter-themed Lollipops Give your kids lollipops shaped like a bunny, an egg, a carrot, a chick, and more!
2 DOVE Promises Variety Mix Chocolate is always appreciated when it comes to loot bags.
3 HERSHEY’S Easter Chocolate Miniatures Make sure to add in some crowd favorites.
4 Ring Pop Party Pack Aside from their fun colors, ring pops are also exciting party accessories to wear.
5 Candy Party Mix Really make your goodie bags stand out with these candies!

How to Decorate a Table For Easter: Other Ideas

Aside from your actual tableware, you also need some embellishments to make your table look extra special for the holiday.

Below are the traditional décor that you can put on your table for Easter dinner.

Table Centerpieces for Easter

There are many ways to decorate for Easter, but the most well-known décor would probably be bunnies and eggs. You can go the cute way and get rabbits and Easter eggs that are colorful and cartoonish. But you can also go the glam way by getting ceramic bunnies and gold foiled pastel eggs.

Here are a few pictures to help you get started on your decorating project:

rabbit bowl
Make space where your rabbits can chill! Source: Gehouz

grass bunny
Create a whimsical table with bunnies, eggs, and fake grass! Source: Shairoom

sleeping bunnies
Make a box of sleeping bunnies! Source: Christmas SXH Decorations

pastel nest
Create a simple nest of pastel eggs! Source: Country Living

wooden bunnies
Display wooden bunnies! Source: Farmhouse Room

# Item Description
1 Mini Artificial Plants These plants are perfect if you’re going for a modern and minimalist look.
2 Mixed Mini Peony Arrangement Get this centerpiece if you’re going for a more whimsical spring forest look.
3 Easter Bunny Candle Holder Pretty and functional, these Easter bunny candle holders are adorable!
4 Bunny ‘REJOICE’ Centerpiece Celebrate the beginning of spring with this cute centerpiece.
5 Easter Basket Centerpiece This centerpiece is great for a vintage theme.

Easter Floral Arrangements Table Centerpieces

If you prefer a more secular take on Easter, focus on the spring angle. Spring means plants are blooming everywhere, so a floral table centerpiece is the perfect choice!

It doesn’t matter if you prefer a fresh bouquet or an artificial one. Floral arrangements are always pretty anyway. Just check these out:

rustic flowers
Use a pail for a more rustic centerpiece! Source: Country Living

rustic box
A distressed box is also a great vase for a country vibe! Source: Jamie Farmhouse Journal

cabbage floral
Use a cabbage as a vase for a different look! Source: Country Living

bean flowers
Add more colors to your centerpiece by using jellybeans! Source: Grace in this Space

pink florals
Decorate in one color for a dramatic look! Source: Good Housekeeping

Getting inspired? Well, better check these recommendations out:

# Item Description
1 Pink Peonies in a Small Vase This arrangement is elegant and very classy.
2 Artificial Tulips Brighten up your table with vibrant tulips.
3 Peonies in Ceramic Get this arrangement for a more rustic, country look.
4 Peony Silk Hydrangea Arrangement This arrangement is amazing for Easter-themed weddings.
5 Lavender Rectangular Vase Get that cute country vibe with this centerpiece.

How to Make Easter Table Decorations

pastel easter
Source: Pizzazerie

There are tons of ways to make Easter table decorations. How you will do that specifically depends on the type of decoration you want to create.

Instead of a specific way, here are materials that you might need in your Easter table decoration project:

# Item Description
1 Pastel Easter Eggs Easter eggs should be present in your décor!
2 Pastel Acrylic Paint Pastel colors are very on-theme with spring.
3 Burlap Fabric Go for a rustic vibe with burlap fabric.
4 Artificial Grass Create forest-like décor with artificial flowers and grass.
5 Easter Bunny Minis Get an adorable, kiddie look by using mini Easter bunny toys in your décor.

Handmade Easter Table Decorations

You don’t need to buy Easter décor if you want to make it yourself. In fact, if you have the time to do it, it might be better to make your own décor.

Aside from being able to stick to a smaller budget, making your own simple table decorations for Easter can also exercise your creativity.

Here are a few examples to get you going:

pink ears
Go for pink bunny ear napkins! Source: Glaminati

bunny rings
Create cute bunny ear napkin rings! Source: 4urbreak

egg candle
Use cracked egg shells as candle holders! Source: Handmade Pride

bunny stick
Put bunnies on a stick to make an adorable and simple centerpiece! Source: Tell Love and Party

modern egg candle
Add metallic paint to your egg-shaped candles to make them look more modern! Source: Brit Co

Where Can I Find Easter Table Decorations For Sale?

rabbit green
Source: Catch My Party

Since Easter is celebrated by most people nowadays, it’s super easy to buy décor for the holidays. You can probably find Easter decorations on stock in popular crafts stores like Michaels and Hobby Lobby.

They might also be found in general stores like Walmart and Target nearer to the holiday. When it comes to online stores, you can probably buy Easter table settings and decorations from shops like Amazon and Etsy.

Here are a few Easter décor masterpieces that you should definitely check out from different stores in Etsy:

# Item Description
1 LinenIsLove – Easter Linen Table Runner Go for simple yet dainty with this Easter-themed table runner.
2 BRsaltycandy – Primitive Carrot Bowl Fillers Check out these rustic carrot decorations for the center of your table.
3 SmellslikehomeStore – Concrete Easter Eggs Make Easter eggs go with the sleek and modern theme of your home.
4 NMTMdesigns – Easter Bunny Wine Labels Even your wines can be dressed up for the occasion.
5 CrichetStitchCrafts – Handmade Easter Eggs Go for the homey feels with crochet Easter eggs on your table.


Easter is a fun holiday to celebrate with your loved ones, especially kids. It’s all about being happy and light because spring is beginning once again. And a perfect way to celebrate such a joyous occasion is to eat good food.

But why stop there? Go big or go home! Decorate your dining area for when you have people over for Easter lunch or dinner. From your table napkins to your table centerpiece, make sure that you have everything on-theme! What are you waiting for? Go get started on decorating your table for Easter!