How to Decorate for Mother’s Day in 2023


When you think of holidays, usually these land on a weekday and you can enjoy a day off of work. But some holidays are just as celebrated even when they do land on weekends. One such holiday is Mother’s Day.

Celebrating Mother’s Day is as important as any holiday since it’s all about Mom. And a great way to celebrate it is to get together with the family. Mother’s Day decoration ideas are the perfect way to jazz up your home in the spirit of this holiday.

Discover ways on how to make this Mother’s Day extra special for all the moms in your family.

Why Celebrate Mother’s Day?

mom pink
Source: Mimi’s Dollhouse

As the name implies, Mother’s Day celebrates all the moms in the world, including yours. It can also mean your grandmother, aunts, sisters, nieces, and daughters that are already enjoying motherhood.

Remember that these women cared and nurtured for you and your family. A special day once a year is an excellent way to honor their love and show your affection in return.

Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas and Decorations

mom flower balloon
Source: Hike N Dip

If you’re having the entire family over for the day, the best time would be during brunch. The noon setting is perfect since the sun is up the bright, blue skies and it’ll make the entire celebration feel light and bubbly.

Aside from making the best dishes for brunch, you should also put effort on how the place will look. Whether you’re eating out in the yard or in the dining room, there are tons of ways to ready your party area for Mother’s Day.

Below are just a few ideas on how to decorate your area:

Mother’s Day Table Decorations

If you’re going with the brunch idea, setting up your table is important. Sure, paper plates and plastic utensils will probably the most convenient to use if the entire family is present. But you can do a lot more than that.

Design your dining table elegantly. Place proper table settings, napkins, and centerpieces to make the day extra special for all the mothers in your family. Get creative on how you can make your table look beautiful, from DIY table rings and origami napkin folding to easy-to-make centerpieces and gorgeous color motifs.

Here are a few pictures of Mother’s Day table décor to inspire you:

pic napkin ring
Personalize your napkin rings with a picture of Mom! Source: Mimi’s Dollhouse

mint purple table
Go for soft, feminine colors for the occasion. Source: The Enchanted Home

flowers in jar
Decorate with tons of floral pieces! Source: Jordan Easy Entertaining

minimal table
Go for minimalist with a mostly white theme with hints of pink and gold. Source: Twinkle Twinkle Little Party

succulent centerpiece
If Mom is obsessed with succulents, use them as a centerpiece. Source: Beci Owens

To help you start fixing your table for Mom’s special day, here are a few materials you might need:

# Item Description
1 Wamika – Happy Mother’s Day Place Mats Surprise your mom with a nice table greeting!
2 Blue Panda – Happy Mother’s Day Napkins Stay on theme with this set of napkins.
3 Wamika – Mother’s Day Table Runner Don’t have a centerpiece? You won’t need one with this runner in the middle of your table.
4 Swibitter - Pink Paper Party Decoration Kit Decorate the room with paper pomp oms, lanters, and fans.
5 XMCOSOCS – Cinema Light Box Spell out your personal greeting to mom with this lightbox!

Mother’s Day Banner Decorations

One of the easiest décor to put up in any kind of holiday is a banner. It easily conveys what you’re celebrating to everyone. But while it is one of the most basic decorations, it is also one of the most flexible.

Yes, you can most definitely put up a banner that just says ‘Happy Mother’s Day!’ to show your mom your appreciation. But you can also try for humor by hanging a banner that says ‘Olive You, Mom!’ with pictures of olive on each side. You can also go for heartfelt by creating a banner that says ‘We’re all here because of you, Mom!’ and endless other messages.

Create the best Mother’s Day banner for your mom and check out these pictures for more inspo:

glitter greet
Go for sparkly and simple by using glittery paper! Source: Etsy - Swankerie

super mom banner
Put up a golden banner and tons of red, blues, and golds for your super mom party! Source: No Ton The High Street

fabric flag mom
Go for minimal and create a fabric flag with your message for mom! Source: Etsy - BowandArrowUK

dainty greet
Add a vintage vibe with romantic fonts and floral frames! Source: Ebay – heart2heart11

ribbon greet
Use cardboard and flowers to create a ribbon banner for mom! Source: Mimi’s Dollhouse

If you don’t have enough time to DIY your banners, not to worry! You can still get ready-made ones easily. Here are a few to choose from:

# Item Description
1 Partyprops – Burlap Banner Garland Get a rustic country vibe with this burlap Mother’s Day garland.
2 BESTOYARD – Happy Mother’s Day Banner Go for a simple glittery banner to celebrate the day.
3 GOER – Thanks Mom Banner Show your appreciation with this awesome banner.
4 zeman – Mama Needs a Drink Banner Inject humor to the party with this funny banner.
5 Succris – Best Mom Banner Tell everyone you think your mom is the best with this banner!

Mother’s Day Backdrop Decorations

Of course, pictures are a great way to remember the holiday for years to come. You can make your photos extra special by creating a backdrop.

Here are some photo backdrops that would look amazing for Mother’s Day:

black white flower stripe
Use black and white striped with floral letterings for a modern chic look. Source: Clean Living Clean Eating

calligraphy sign
Put up a simple calligraphic sign about mom! Source: Party Ideas – Craft Gossip

string art mom
Create a sign for mom through string art! Source: Etsy - CraftsByAlexia

mom flower trellis
Create subtle design by spelling ‘Mom’ with flowers on a white trellis. Source: The Proper Blog

love you mum backdrop
Stick to simple for a midcentury modern look. Source: Lenzo AU

Mother’s Day Cupcake Decorations

When you hear the word ‘decoration,’ it’s easy to imagine that it has something to do with a room. But that’s not the only thing you can decorate. If you’re planning to bake cupcakes as a gift your mom, you should create ones that are specially designed for the holiday!

Here are cupcakes decorations ideas for Mother’s Day that all the women in your family will surely love:

pink purple flowers
Stick to florals for a dainty and romantic look. Source: Pinimg

pot cupcake
Put your flower cupcake in a pot to look more authentic. Source: Food Additive

minimal cupcake
For a minimalist look, go for white icing sprinkled with pink beads. Source: Shop – Afternoon Crumbs

cupcake message
Send a loving message through cupcakes. Source: William Sonoma

tea cupcake
Go above and beyond by using fondant as your cupcake topper. Source: Cakes Décor

Aside from decorating your cupcake, you have to actually make the cupcakes first. Here are a few materials you will definitely need:

# Item Description
1 orgen – 52 Pcs. Frosting Tools Enjoy decorating your cupcakes with different frosting tips.
2 AmazonBasics – Reusable Silicone Baking Cups Use reusable silicone cups as your cupcake liners to save money and the environment.
3 Wilton – 24-Cup Baking Pan Time to bake some cupcakes in your pan!
4 Babycakes Cupcake Maker For easy cupcake making, use this cupcake maker!
5 DuraCasa – Cupcake Carrier Transport your cupcakes safely in this case!

Mother’s Day Decorations: Kids’ Ideas

kiddie pic
Source: Sugar and Charm

If there’s one thing every mom would love to get during Mother’s Day, it would definitely be a gift from their kids (no matter their age). This means you should have your young ones try their hand with arts and crafts to create their perfect gift for mom.

There are tons of DIY art projects that you can do, and below are just some of them.

Mother’s Day Cards

An oldie but goodie when it comes to kiddie arts and crafts is making their own greeting cards. Mother’s Day cards is not an exception. There are tons of ways you can help your little ones make the perfect card for Mom.

Below are just some of the ideas you can copy with your kids:

diy pot plant
Put a hidden message from mom inside this DIY pot of plants. Source: Room Plant Dolds

sewn hearts card
Create beautiful shapes by sewing directly to your card. Source: Destination Decoration

olive card
Draw punny artwork for your mom to enjoy. Source: Pink Rain Cloud

stick figure card
Yes, stick figures can still look awesome! Source: Zazzle

printed balloon
Use printed paper and create an awesome balloon design. Source: Blog – Hobby Craft UK

You can also get ready-made Mother’s Day cards if you’re short in time. Tons of choices are available in your local stores and online stores. Here are a few favorites that you might like as well:

# Item Description
1 Lovepop – Flower Basket Card Send your mom a basket of wild flowers with this pop-up card.
2 Hallmark – Peanuts Mother’s Day Card If Mom loves Snoopy and the gang, she’ll also love this card.
3 Hallmark – Mom Unicorn Card Tell your mom how magical she is with this awesome card.
4 Hallmark – Wonder Mom Card Show your mom that she’s your superhero with this card.
5 Hallmark – Cut Paper Flowers Card Go for a more subtle design with this floral-themed card.

Mother’s Day Crafts

Gifting Mom with DIY projects doesn’t end with greeting cards. There are numerous creative ways you can do to show your love and appreciation for all the mothers in your family. From DIY flowers to creative ‘pick one a day’ jars, you can do tons of stuff!

Here are just a few examples of the crafts that you can make for Mom:

pieces of love
Use pieces of paper to highlight your message! Source: Scrapbooking – Craft Gossip

popsicle flowers
Use popsicle sticks and paper to make flowers for mom. Source: Blog Group UK

hand flowers pot
Paint with your hands and design a pot for mom. Source: Little Stars Learning

light up mom
Give mom a simple handmade card. Source: Country Living

reasons mom
Tell mom ‘I love you’ in different ways. Source: Emely Photos

Mother’s Day Classroom Ideas

mom flower
Source: Pinimg

Mother’s Day is something that’s universal. Every country has a version for it, so it’s not surprising that this holiday is also taught at school. But if you really want to make an impression on your students, you should outfit your classroom with the ideas behind the holidays.

Mother’s Day Bulletin Board Decorations

One way to design your classroom for the holiday is to design your bulletin board. Mother’s Day decorations for simple bulletin ideas are endless. You’re free to decorate whichever way you like.

Check out these awesome examples of Mother’s Day decorations for bulletin ideas. You might find one that you’ll get inspiration from:

silhouette mom
Use silhouettes and hearts to create a simple but stunning design. Source: Pinterest

flower bloom
Add colorful flowers and a simple message to show appreciation to moms. Source: Teach Easy Resources

mother hand heart
Less design is needed for longer messages. Source: Pinterest

hero mom
Create a superhero cutout of mom. Source: Youtube

punny bulletin
Punny messages are always appreciated. Source: Pinimg

Where Can I Find Mother’s Day Decorations For Sale?

black yellow mom
Source: Laura’s Little Party

Since Mother’s Day is such a universal holiday that’s celebrated by more people than not, getting décor for it is quite easy. It also helps that the day is so much more versatile than others when it comes to decorations. You can reuse Easter and spring décor, and even simple party decorations from years back.

Buying Mother’s Day décor is no problem at all. Simply walk into your local craft store, and get materials based on the theme you’re going for this year. You can also get tons of material from online stores like Amazon and Etsy.

In fact, here are some Mother’s Day decorations from Etsy that you and the women in your family will love:

# Item Description
1 SugarKoatedSigns – Handwritten Recipe Cutting Board Add mom’s favorite recipe in a cutting board and hang it up in the kitchen.
2 TheTwistedWord – My Nickname is Mom Sign Place a sign that mom would find relatable and funny.
3 WildFiori – Color-Your-Own Wooden Mother’s Day Ornament Make easy crafts and put it up for mom to see.
4 LoveLettersbyAnalisa Hang up this beautifully dainty sign for mom.
5 BlueDogFramingDesign – Mother’s Day Pillow Even pillows can show mom how much you appreciate her.


Celebrating Mother’s Day is as important as any holiday because it celebrates the love and work of all the moms in the world. It’s a way of saying thank you for all the affection and sacrifices they made while taking care of you and your family.

A simple get-together will warm your mom’s heart, for sure. But you can make the day extra special if you decorate around the house as well. So what are you waiting for? Get your home ready for mom’s arrival and show her how much you love her!