How to Put Up Memorial Day Decorations For Summer in 2023


Memorial Day is one of the most celebrated federal holidays in the USA. Americans have always been patriotic, and celebrating the sacrifice of fallen soldiers is one way of keeping their memories alive. That’s why putting up decorations for Memorial Day is a tradition that most American families partake in.

But that’s not all! Memorial Day also marks the beginning of summer nowadays. As part of the holidays, week-long celebrations begin to spring up. From family barbecues to city events, you’ll be feeling the spirit of the holiday quite a lot. That even includes Memorial Day sales where you and your friends can go shopping for great deals.

With all the activities you can do, don’t forget to hoist up the colors of the nation! Show everyone your national pride by decorating your home in red, white, and blue!

Why Celebrate Memorial Day?

floral flag
Source: Kid Friendly Things to Do

Memorial Day is a US federal holiday that commemorates the lives of American soldiers who died in their line of service. It is a way of honoring their memory and sacrifice. Celebrating Memorial Day shows the gratitude of the entire United States of America for these brave men and women.

Even so, Memorial Day doesn’t need to be a solemn and quite affair. It is a time where feelings of national pride is at the forefront. So be one with the entire country and put up some Memorial Day Decorations.

Memorial Day home decorations can vary in design but they do have very similar looks. Mainly, they follow the red, white, and blue colors of the American flag. They can feature the stars and stripes as well. Discover how you can incorporate the country’s colors to your own home décor!

Memorial Day Decorations Ideas

red blue white table
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As Memorial Day is a time for remembrance, it can also be a holiday that you can spend with family and friends. So you may opt to throw parties to celebrate the holiday. As such, decorating your home will definitely make you and your guests feel more immersed in the celebration!

Here are a few ideas on how you can make this Memorial Day a holiday worth remembering:

Memorial Day Party Decorations

tricolor stars
Source: Catch My Party

Get your party going with awesome American-inspired decorations. String up streamers in star shapes. Put up paper fans in red and white stripes. You can even get creative and use an inflatable pool as your cooler!

Since it’s summer, the sun is out and you can even do your party outdoors! Here are some party materials you will definitely need on the day:

# Item Description
1 Big Mo’s Toys – Outdoor Inflatable Buffet Cooler Be the talk of town with your patriotic red, white, and blue inflatable cooler!
2 Juvale – Patriotic American Party Supplies Even your utensils for the party should show national pride!
3 Super Z Outlet – American Flag Shutter Glasses Bring out your shutter glasses in the colors of the American flag for photo opportunities.
4 jollylife – Patriotic Decorations Set Get a set that’s complete featuring different garlands, streamers, pomp oms, paper fans, and star-shaped confetti!
5 OHSAY USA – Hand Held American Flags on Sticks Tape them to walls, stick them in the dirt, or hold them, these mini-flags will really get you in the patriotic mood!

Memorial Day Table Decorations Ideas

blue stars table
Source: Designed to the Nines

Whether you’re thinking about having your friends and family for lunch or dinner, it’s a great idea to decorate your dining area in the colors of the country. There are many ways to do this! One is to use plates and utensils in red, white, and blue. B

But if you prefer a more subtle approach, put a few décor piece on your table instead. You can liven up the dining area with centerpieces and table skirtings. Here are some of the dining décor you might want to put up:

# Item Description
1 Beistle – Star Gleam ‘N Burst Centerpiece Add a pop of metallic sheen to your table with this red, white, and blue star-themed centerpiece.
2 amscan – Patriotic Party 3-D Centerpieces Decorate the center of your table with these adorable 3-D renders of red, white, and blue glittery stars.
3 Beistle – Patriotic Table Skirting Design your buffet table to look on-theme with the holiday with this striped skirting.
4 Dicksons – Praying Solider Tabletop Figurine Commemorate the fallen with this figurine in the middle of your table.
5 Feuille – American Flag Placemats Go full-on patriotic with this amazing American-flag inspired placemats.

Memorial Day Door Decorations

If you truly want to welcome the spirit of the holiday, why not start by designing the entrance to your home? Memorial Day wreath decorations are a great way to symbolize your participation during the holidays.

Want to get in on a little secret? You can even recycle you 4th of July wreaths for this holiday as well. Since both Memorial Day and 4th of July are holidays that celebrate the nation, most of their décor look the same!

Here are some creative Memorial Day wreaths that you can take inspiration from:

minimalist memorial wreath
Go minimalist by putting flowers in red, white, and blue. Source: Etsy – AllSeasonsHouseDecor

simple rustic wreath
Try for the rustic look by incorporating burlap into your wreath. Source: Wreath – Wodostore

bell wreath
Add beautiful bells to your Memorial Day wreath. Source: Etsy – WreathburyLane

freedom wreath
Use lots of ribbons to create a wildly beautiful wreath. Source: Google KG

home wreath
Welcome all your guests with this patriotic wreath. Source: Craftbox Girl

If you prefer to get ready-made wreaths, you can do so as well. In fact, here are a few recommendations to start you off:

# Item Description
1 Transpac – Silk Rose Americana Wreath Look classically regal with this wreath featuring silk roses in red, white, and blue.
2 Collections Etc – Patriotic Star Metal Wreath Get this adorable heart-shaped wreath featuring stars of different sizes.
3 Pink Door Wreaths – Burlap Mesh Door Wreath Go with the country look with this deco mesh and burlap wreath.
4 Collections Etc – Birdhouse Americana Wreath For a more natural vibe, a wreath featuring flowers in red, white, and blue with a birdhouse in the middle is the way to go.
5 idyllic – Red Blue Berry Ring Minimalist and nature-inspired is the new modern when it comes to Memorial Day décor.

Memorial Day Mantel Decorations

One of the rooms that your guests will frequent when they come over is your living room. Usually, you have a mantel over the fireplace in this room. Well, that’s an excellent place to put up decorations for the holiday.

Liven up your living room and welcome your guests with beautiful Memorial Day décor. Here are some ideas you can imitate:

home mantel
Go for simple with an American flag garland. Source: Pinterest

cloth strip garland
Use paper fans and repurposed cloth strips for your décor. Source: Glaminati

candle american mantel
Add candles on your mantel for a more solemn look. Source: Pinterest

vintage mantel
Use vintage cards to create a nice-looking garland. Source: Half Pint Party Design

outline USA mantel
Show some national pride by showcasing an outline of the USA! Source: Pinterest

Outdoor Memorial Day Decorations

Memorial Day is all about showing your gratitude for the soldiers who gave up their lives for the country. And one easy way to do this is to showcase your national pride. How fitting it is for you to decorate the outside of your home for everyone to see.

Memorial day yard decorations and porch decorations are just some of the ways you can dress up your home for the holiday. Here are some photos that you can take inspiration from as your decorate your own house for Memorial Day:

rustic wood decor
Go for rustic with wooden décor colored in blues and reds. Source: Good Housekeeping

minimal subtle door
Go for a minimalist vibe with subtle designs. Source: Dreaming of Homemaking

memorial sign
Add a little welcome sign to commemorate our fallen soldiers. Source: Hometalk

memorial streamer fence
Place red, white, and blue, streamers on your fence. Source: Joyful Derivatives

mailbox decor
Even your mailbox can be decorated for the holiday. Source: Flickr

Memorial Day Grave Decorations

Aside from your home, a place that you will most likely visit is the cemetery. Memorial Day decorations can also be put in the cemetery if you like. Celebrate the day with your loved ones who passed on in the line of duty by putting up grave decorations on their resting places for Memorial Day.

Here are a few simple ideas you can do:

wreath grave
A simple wreath can look beautiful. Source: Pinterest

red white blue floral
Sticks to blues, whites, and reds. Source: Lohmeierkfiazer

hero wreath
Deep colors can also look elegant. Add a simple message to show your thanks. Source: Etsy – FiveStarFloralInGifts

memorial cross
Paint your Memorial crosses in the colors of the flag. Source: Pinterest

flag bouquet
Stick American flags on your bouquets. Source: Yahoo Images

If you’re in a hurry, you can also buy some of the décor below:

# Item Description
1 Eternal Light Cross – American Flag Cross Let your thanks light up even through the night with this cross.
2 Admired by Nature – Flower with American Flags Add in American flags on your bouquet.
3 Door and Décor LLC – Summer Patriotic Flowers Don’t forget to leave a pretty floral arrangement on the headstone of your loved one.
4 Anley – Wooden Stick American Flag Place flags all over the grave.
5 Admired by Nature – Red, White, & Blue Satin Roses Place satin roses on the grave. You can even stick them on the ground.

DIY Memorial Day Decorations

flower sack
Source: Good Housekeeping

Aside from buying your décor, you can also create your own homemade Memorial Day decorations. You can even ask your kids to help you.

Creating your decorations can be a great way to bond with your children. It is also an excellent way exercise your creativity and imagination.

Here are a few ways to bring into play your creative skills during Memorial Day:

Memorial Day Classroom Door Decorations

If you’re a teacher, one good DIY project to do is to decorate your classroom’s door for the holiday. It’s a great way to teach your students the importance of Memorial Day, and why we celebrate it as a nation.

At the same time, you can even ask them to help you with the décor. From hand cut-outs to coloring materials, your little students can learn and have fun at the same time.

Here are some pictures of Memorial Day decorations for classroom doors that may inspire you to make your own:

lucky stars
Design your door with stars and stripes. Source: Design Your Life

patriotic tree
Create a patriotic tree. Source: Yellow Pick

giant flowers
Show your appreciation with giant flowers. Source: Chicken Recipes

ring chain flag
Use basic ring chains to create a beautiful design. Source: Pin IMG

thanks a soldier
Let your class color soldier drawings and put it up on your door. Source: Classy in the Classroom

Memorial Day Decorations: Crafts for Kids

Need to keep your kids busy during the holiday? Don’t worry! Develop their artistic skills and let them help you make décor for the holiday. There are tons of arts and crafts that you can do with your children during Memorial Day.

Here are some of the Memorial Day decorations that your kids and yourself can do as a bonding activity:

paper plate men
Use paper plates, art paper, and foam to create men. Source: Life as Mama

star wreath paper
Use art paper shaped as stars to create a wreath. *Source: Life in the Nerddom

hand painting
Make a hand painting themed for Memorial Day. Source: Kid Friendly Things To Do

popsicle flags
Make American flags out of popsicle sticks. Source: Gingersnap Crafts

flag beads
Make an American flag using red, white, and blue beads. Source: Hub Pages

Here are some of the materials you might need to get:

# Item Description
1 Acrylic Paint Put some color into your art with acrylic paint.
2 Red, White, and Blue Beads Create lots of beaded artworks with this set.
3 Popsicle Sticks There are so many creative things you can do with popsicle sticks!
4 Assorted Colored Paper Use colored paper to make most of your DIY Memorial Day décor.
5 Paper Plates Paper plates can be used for a multiple of creative projects.

Where Can I Find Memorial Day Decorations For Sale?

picnic american
Source: Home with Holliday

Memorial Day might not be as popular a holiday like Christmas or Valentine’s Day but it is important in the American culture, nonetheless. That’s why you can probably find many Memorial Day décor being sold in chain stores like Target and Walmart. Craft stores like Hobby Lobby and Michaels might also have Memorial Day decorations on stock.

One great way to save on your money is to use the 4th of July décor you bought last year. Memorial Day and the 4th of July both have patriotic elements to their decorations so you can use the same décor for both holidays with very little differences.

Of course, you can still choose to buy some items specifically for each holiday. Online stores like Amazon and Etsy offer a wide variety of decorations that cater to these holidays. Check out some of the creative products you can get from Etsy:

# Item Description
1 PersonalizedKreation – Memorial Day Garden Flag Decorate your garden with flags commemorating our fallen heroes.
2 PackagePerfectBows – Memorial Day Bow A bow is a great and versatile décor piece to put up.
3 JenniferHeleneHome – American Flag Pillows Design your porch with patriotic elements like these pillows.
4 ThemeRunners – Memoria Day Table Runner Decorate your table with elements of the American Flag using this table runner.
5 GlenwoodCraftCo – Wooden Pumpkins Get a rustic country vibe with these wooden table centerpieces.


Memorial Day may be a federal holiday, but it is a celebration that is near and dear to the hearts of many Americans. This is the day we honor the brave men and women who sacrificed their lives for our country and our freedom.

But the day doesn’t have to be quiet and solemn. You can throw parties and celebrate the holiday with your family and friends. It’s all about national pride today. That’s why deck your house in the country’s red, white, and blue colors!