Brighten Up Your Valentines with Light Decorations in 2023


Valentine’s Day is a holiday that everyone can enjoy. Whatever your age, gender preference, or race, it doesn’t matter because the day is all about love. And love knows no bounds! Sure, Valentine’s Day is known for celebrating romantic love hence the multitude of hearts and cupids all around. But you can also celebrate Valentine’s Day with family and friends.

So, whether your status is single, in a relationship, or “It’s complicated,” it’s still a great idea to celebrate Valentine’s Day! And what better way than to put up décor for the holiday. Garlands of hearts and Valentine wreaths are perfect for the occasion. But you can also upgrade your style with Valentine’s lighted decorations!

Haven’t heard of lighted decorations for Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry! All you have to do is read on below to find out more, and you’ll be covered.

Why Decorate with Lights during Valentine’s Day?

pink outside lantern
Source: Deco Archi

The great thing about Valentine’s Day is that you can celebrate it however you want. Some people prefer just being with their significant others, lounging at home in their pajamas and watching Netflix. Others go all out and travel to romantic getaways for the weekend.

Still others prefer celebrating the day of love with more people, and Valentine’s parties are the bomb! Of course, if you want to host a party, decorating your event area is a must. Whether you’re going for a more traditional hearts and kisses theme or something unconventional like Galentine’s, décor can be a big help.

So why stick with the usual paper crafts and balloons when you can level up your party with lights? Lights can make any event area look brighter and more festive. And what’s more, there are now lighted decorations specifically themed to light up the day of love!

Valentine Lighting Decorations

pink heart stairs
Source: Deco Archi

Valentine lights decorations are not the most popular choice when it comes to designing your home for the holidays. But that’s not because they don’t look pretty. It’s just that they’re relatively new.

In your case, that’s perfect! You get to have a more unique look and design during the holiday that is sure to be loved by all your guests.

Below are a few ideas you might want to look into when putting up lighted décor for Valentine’s!

Lighted Valentine Decorations

bottle light heart
Source: Etsy - janjackson

Since the idea of light Valentine’s Day decorations is novel, you should start by researching what’s now available to you on the market. Once you know what products you can buy, you can plan the general look of your party.

To help you with that, here are some of the highly rated Valentine’s Day lighted decorations you can get today from Amazon:

# Item Description
1 Red Cupid Spread the love around with love arrows!
2 ‘love’ Sign Tell everyone what the day is all about!
3 Red and White Cupid Make sure to place lots of Angels of Love around the house!
4 Lighted Cherry Blossom Tree Add a natural vibe to your lighted décor with pink cherry blossoms.
5 Heart Fairy Lights Stay on theme this Valentine’s Day with heart-shaped fairy lights.

Outdoor Lighted Valentine Decorations

Light up decorations are amazing and versatile. You can brighten up the inside of your home with a few well-placed strings of fairy lights.

But if you want a truly spectacular visions that can delight both your guests and neighbors alike, why not decorate the outside of your home as well? That’s right! You can put up lights on your front door and on your porch. Even your backyard and front garden can be decorated as you celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Need some inspiration for this project? Well, take a look at these examples:

pink door light
Simple yet effective, welcome your guests with pink fairy lights around your door! Source: Hoom Decoration

love pink lights
Spell what you feel and let everybody know! Source: Trendu Home

hearts garden
Light up your garden with hearts all over! ** Source: Farm Food Family**

yellow love light
A little rustic love is all you need! Source: Home My Design

simple dinner out
Even candles and outdoor lights can be used for a romantic time! Source: Home My Design

Lighted Valentine Window Creations

Valentine light up creations can come in many shapes and sizes. You just have to exercise your creativity to the fullest! You can make almost any shape from fairy lights. Or you can also choose more traditional and romantic routes by draping gold fairy lights over sheer fabric.

Whichever Valentine decorations that light up that you choose, one place you can maximize is your windows. Just check out the pictures below for much-needed inspiration:

heart fairy light diy
Do a little DIY project by sticking cellophane hearts on fairy lights! Source: Heartfelt Balance Handmade Life

giant heart light
Make a giant heart for everyone to see! Source: Red Key Designs

fairy light shape heart
Use fairy lights to shape a heart on your window! Source: The Seasonal Home

floral light wreath
Light up a floral wreath for extra cuteness! **Source: Moya US **

window backdrop light
Use your window as a lighted backdrop! Source: Walmart

Lighted Valentine Heart Decorations

yellow heart light
Source: Architecture Art Designs

Valentine lights and decorations are usually colored red or pink, or a combination of both. But one other typical Valentine sign is the heart. Honestly, you can’t go five minutes without seeing a heart during Valentine’s Day. It’s that universal!

So it isn’t surprising to note that there will be lighted decorations that come in the shape of a heart. To help you out, here are a few that you can buy from Amazon:

# Item Description
1 Valentine’s Day Double Heart Why use one when you can do two hearts at once?
2 Heart and Arrow Decoration Be your own cupid with this heart and arrow lighted décoration.
3 Quote Heart Decorations Remember those heart candies from your childhood? Well, this lighted décor is the perfect throwback!
4 Marquee Light - Heart Go for old glam with this heart-shaped marquee light.
5 Neon Heart and Love Sign Go for retro with this neon love sign!

Vintage Valentine Decorations That Light Up

string heart light
Source: Indie Crafts – Craft Gossip

Sure, light up Valentine’s decoration is such a new idea if you think about it in a modern sense. You don’t see many people using lighted decorations as part of their Valentine’s Day design.

However, some vintage finds can attest to the fact that lighted decorations have existed for quite a while. You can get heart-shaped Valentine candle holders or wooden ornaments. In fact, you can still get vintage lighted decorations today!

Just check out these stuff from Etsy:

# Item Description
1 Potteryworkshop – Ceramic Valentine Hanging Heart Light If you really want vintage, this look is perfect.
2 LivingPastel Paper Heart Lanterns Instead of your typical plastic fairy light, you can go for this paper heart lantern look.
3 FranJohnsonHouse – Wooden Heart Candle Holders Go for wooden candle holders for a #throwback vibe.
4 HappyPlywood – Birch Light Decoration Flying cupids are such a vintage look!
5 TimeTreasuresFromCA This glass candle holder is such a vintage steal!

Where Can I Find Lighted Valentine Decorations For Sale?

tinsel heart
Source: Hoom Code

Looking for Valentine’s Day decorations isn’t hard because of how widespread the holiday is. Everyone in the world probably knows it’s Valentine’s Day on the 14th of February. So you don’t have to worry about where you need to get décor for the day.

However, lighted decorations are another matter. Sure, you might find a few in craft stores like Michaels and Hobby Lobby. Some general stores like Walmart and Target might also stock them. But it’s not a guarantee. That’s because lighted decorations for Valentine’s Day aren’t that commonplace as of the moment.

So it’s better to stick to online stores like Amazon and Etsy. You can search for the ones you like with less effort involved, and have them shipped to your address with little to no problem.

If you want to get started on your search, here are a few lighted decorations for Valentine’s Day that you can buy from Etsy:

# Item Description
1 Vitalights – Crochet Heart String Lights Soft and Romantic are a nice look.
2 SiamArtBoutique – Rattan Heart String Lights For a more natural vibe, go for rattan string lights.
3 TurnmireCreations – Love Nightlight Aim for a soft glow with this ‘Love’ night light.
4 One2onMarket – LED Rose This light up rose is the perfect unconventional gift.
5 RusticCreationsAB – Heart String Art Go for the artsy look with this light-up string art!


Valentine’s Day is a universal holiday that can be celebrated by anyone of any age, gender, or race. That’s why it’s a fantastic idea to throw a party for the day of hearts. And with that, you should also decorate your place!

Aside from the usual garlands and balloons, you can also make use of lighted decorations to make your Valentine’s decorations more unique and memorable. So, what are you waiting for? Get what you need and start making your Valentine’s Day décor today!